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The end of the entrance passage

Gallery: Engine Vein

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Title: The end of the entrance passage

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Surface and entrance passage
Engine Vein surfaceEngine Vein in winter
Bronze Age workingsBronze Age workings viewed from belowDigging Balloon Shaft
Digging Ring ShaftDigging Bear Pit - the winchDigging Bear Pit
The Vein concreted over after cleaning off the material that had built up over the yearsNew entrance (before enlarging)The enlarged entrance to the mine
Inside the entrance passageThe end of the entrance passageThe ramp at the end of the entrance passage
Pot Shaft and the Roman workings
Pot Shaft archaeological digPot Shaft archaeological dig with DCC members working on it
The days the coins were foundThe Roman coinsThe Roman level before excavation
The Roman level after excavationThe Roman level after excavation looking back into the main passagePot Shaft from below
Underground workings
Steps placed in the mine to make easier access to the Roman galleryAzurite spheres near the entrance
Under the concreteUnder the concrete - the white is fungusUnder the concrete capping.  Semi-pillars on the right support the roof.  The wooden steps are behind the figure.
Timbering in the main passageStarting down the steps from the foot of the ramp, heading for the main chamberSteps down through the main passage
At the start of the bridgeLooking down to the Main ChamberApproaching the bridge
Along the Main ChamberOn the bridgeVisitors on the bridge
The stairs down in the Main ChamberCopper staining on the wallsShotholes in the hanging wall beyond the bridge
Beyond the bridgeThe high level bridge at Bear PitOld workings on the vein
In the main chamber, looking east towards the bridge and the entranceThe archway into the chamber at the west end of the mine.  The ladders leads up to some passages close to the surfaceRipple Roof Chamber
A low crawl at the top end of the mineWest End extensionWest End extension
Digging Blue Shaft passageDigging Blue Shaft passage - laying the railwayDigging Blue Shaft passage
Digging Blue Shaft passageFault in Blue Shaft passageThe fault in Blue Shaft passage - this is the smooth wall on the right
Top of Bear PitThe coffin level above Blue ShaftA person giving scale to the coffin level
Crawling in top level of mine, close to the surfaceIn the top level of mine
Blue Shaft and the Hough Level
Blue ShaftPart of the ladder way in Blue ShaftBlue Shaft
Blue ShaftDigging Balloon passageTipping down Bear Pit
Bear Pit ore chuteBear Pit ore chuteThe junction in Hough level
Ring Shaft ore chuteRing Shaft ore chuteClay formation in Ring Shaft passage
The BoatGraffiti near the BoatMain chamber in Engine Vein
Blue ShaftCoffin Level near Blue Shaft

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