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Gallery: The Hough Level

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Title: The Hough Level on the abandonment plan

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The Hough Level on the abandonment planAt Dickens Wood and up to Engine VeinThe day the Hough Level was opened
Digging out the entrance at Dickens WoodThe entrance from aboveDigging at the face in the Hough Level
Filling the tubPushing the tub out of the entranceThe dumper used to pull out tubs
The loco when it was in use at Alderley EdgePushing by handExtending the tip
Emptying a tubThe tip in the early daysA section showing handpicked and enlarged passage
Looking up Square ShaftThe original passage at Square Shaft - a coffin levelBetween Square Shaft and Engine Vein
Around Engine VeinThe bottom of Blue Shaft. The ladder is just visible on the leftFilling a tub at Bear Pit
Looking down Bear Pit to the ore chuteAt the junction, a superior photograph by Paul DeakinThe junction leading (R) to Ring Shaft and (L) to Bear Pit
Curious clay formations in the wall which may have developed from the solution of saltRing Shaft ore chuteRing Shaft ore chute
Engine Vein to Brynlow1860s passage to BrynlowGraffiti at the boat landing stage
Panorama at the boatThe boatIn the boat in the Hough Level
In the canoeIn the bathtub boat in the Hough LevelLooking at blue formations in the Hough Level
Modern explorers in the wet sectionComing through to BrynlowNear Brynlow - wet!
1930s visitors in BrynlowA group of explorers in the Hough Level in the 1930sBoarding the boat at Brynlow
In a wet sectionThe boat at BrynlowBrynlow to Wood Mine
The ore chute from the east side of the Brynlow Field OpencastShoring in the roof of the level near Brynlow. The fault wall is on the rightDropping down from Field Shaft
Above the Hough Level at the junction where there were entrances from the Brynlow field.At the Hough Level junction where the passage from Brynlow turns north towards the treatment worksHough Level Junction dig
In the Hough Level Junction digAt the southern end of the Hough Level under the Field with sleepers still in place

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