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Over the years, a great deal of information has been gained about the mines at Alderley Edge and one of the Club's stated aims is to share this with the public.  This is done through mine visits and open days and also through lectures and exhibitions.

As well as helping the exhibition of the Alderley Edge Landscape Project by loan of artefacts and pictures, the Club has staged its own exhibitions, for example at West Park in Macclesfield and at Alderley Edge Library.  The Club can provide an interesting collection of photographs, plans, artefacts and minerals to illustrate the history and origin of the mines and to demonstrate mining techniques.

Lectures and talks are also given.  The audiences for such talks have included several historical societies, women's institutes, the Wilmslow Guild, Rotary and Round Table groups, caving and mining conferences and, not least, the general public as part of the Landscape Project.  Experienced speakers are available who use 35 mm slides or PowerPoint to illustrate the topic.  Talks can be timed to last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.  All equipment is brought by the speaker.

There are three examples of slideshows which can be accessed here, firstly to the Technical Archaeology Group in 2002, secondly to the Landscape Project in 2005 and thirdly to an archaeology group in 2007.

If you are interested in mounting an exhibition or want more details about lectures, please get in touch with Nigel () or e-mail the Club () . 

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