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Scout visitsThe arrangements for visits by Scouts are subject to the constraints laid down by the Scout Association and the rules applied to all trips by the DCC.  The DCC rules are outlined in the information on the general page about visiting the mines and also the item on the legal page about licensed activity centres

The Scout Association rules (Rules 9.7 and 9.35 of the Scout Association Policy, Organisation and Rules) mean that, in brief, the leader has to have a permit issued by the District or County Commissioner.  Along with the permit, there are conditions relating to first aid provisions, leaving notice on the surface and the condition of the mine to be visited.  The mine must have a current inspection report covering the sections used for the visit and the report must be accessible to, and have been read by the permit holder.  For Alderley, inspections of Wood and West Mine have been carried out on behalf of PICA (the Peak Instructed Caving Affiliation) but although the club has a copy, leaders should obtain copies through PICA.  The inspections did not reveal any significant structural issues but the map of approved areas in Wood Mine has been altered slightly.  West Mine has been treated differently with the approved areas being limited to defined routes.  Details of both can be obtained from PICA or the DCC.

ApprenticeThe DCC now (2014 onwards) has members with permits and we are prepared to take SMALL groups with an interest in caving so as to introduce them to the sport and enable them to obtain a caving badge.  In this case, small means 6 at a time as that is also the limit to the number of helmets and belay belts that we possess that meet Scout requirements.  If more equipment can be borrowed, we could increase this to 12 Scouts at one time (plus leaders).  If trips to West Mine are approved, then the limit will be 4 per leader for that mine.  It is the policy of the Club that, given the restrictions on leading Scout groups which includes the fact that we cannot ask for any payment on behalf of the under-18s, general tourist trips by Scout troops can not be arranged. 

Members of the Club may be prepared to lead trips to Derbyshire caves to enable Scouts to obtain the caving badge.

Any Scout group with members interested in visiting the mine for the reasons given above, is welcome to contact Phil in the DCC.  He can be emailed on scout-trips [at] derbyscc.org.uk or DerbyshireNWscoutscaving@gmail.com..  His personal mobile number is 07534 505464 and this can only be used to call the DCC about introducing Scouts to caving via the Alderley Edge mines. 

We are sorry that we have to impose these limitations but it is the Scout Association POR that sets the more stringent rules.  The POR can be downloaded from the Scout Association website (www.scouts.org.uk) and this page is based on the content of the July 2011 revision.  Because revisions are made regularly, anyone interested should download and read the latest version for the most up-to-date policy.

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