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The main mines at Alderley are listed below. Click HERE to go straight to the map of the mines or HERE to see a 1:25000 map of Alderley Edge. 

You can also view the area using the Google map below which includes a satellite photograph of the Edge.  This is sufficiently detailed to allow some mine entrances to be pin-pointed exactly but others are hidden by tree cover.  If you have trouble with the Google map, you can click HERE for a version of this page without it.  (By the way, the Google map also has links to some other DCC areas of interest, try zooming out.)

map of the Alderley Edge area area map     list of mines mine list     1:25000 OS map 1:25000 map     


Please note, some detail may not be shown at present for security and safety reasons.

Click on pointers for more information about the mines.


Wood Mine withheld 2,400 30 160 About 1.5 miles of mainly 19th Century tunnels in a complex maze.
West Mine withheld 10,000 50 145 About 6 miles of mainly 19th Century tunnels on several levels.
Engine Vein withheld 750 60 195 A vertical vein-type mine connecting to the Hough Level.
Brynlow Mine withheld 300 25 155 One of the earlier workings. Small hand picked tunnels.  Also connecting to the Hough Level.
The Hough Level withheld 1,500 -- 135 A connecting tunnel linking Wood Mine, Engine Vein and Brynlow to the 19thC works.
The Cobalt Mine withheld 1,000 16 190 Old workings stretching from the Engine Vein area to the car park entrance.
Pillar and Doc Mines withheld 50 (open) 10 165 Small shallow workings at Stormy Point.  Evidence of Bronze Age mining between them.
Twin Shafts withheld -- 10 170 Opencast working on Stormy Point of unknown age or development.
New Venture withheld ? ? 145 Workings near West Mine that have been lost for many years.
Mottram St Andrew withheld Not strictly part of Alderley Edge but the history is linked.

More details about the larger mines can be seen by selecting the appropriate page.  A full list of entrances is also available from which you can get even more detail about the sites at Alderley Edge.

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West Mine area Wood Mine area Engine Vein area Cobalt Mine area Brynlow Mine area Stormy Point Mottram mines Hough Level (east) Hough Level (west) Finlow Mines area Main Car Park Saddlebole Map of the area, click on the map

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

West Mine is located above White Barn Farm, Wood Mine in Windmill Wood and Engine Vein where the map marks Mine (dis) just below the NT logo.  You can identify the main sites by moving your mouse over the map.  Click on the areas identified to get more detail.  This map shows the National Trust Car Park and public toilets just below The Wizard.  The purple line represents the boundary of the NT property.  If you cannot see Mottram on the map, scroll the screen to the right.

Details about how to visit the mines can be found by clicking HERE.

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