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Fill in the booking form below.  You will get an acknowledgment that it has been sent which contains a unique reference number.  Turn up on the day at least 15 minutes before the trip and enjoy your trip. 

**** This method cannot be used for booking Scout trips; please refer to the special page concerning these. ****

Before booking, please take time to look at our information about preparing for a trip.

Notice that some trips may be marked family trip.  If so, these are being run in the daytime during school holidays and are aimed at children with their parents or guardians.



You can also use this page to send trip enquiries, to check an existing booking or to cancel reserved trips.  We also show the Safety Guidelines that you will receive before your trip and you can also download guidance on preparing for trips; please read these and the safety guidelines carefully.

To amend a trip, please cancel it and re-book.

You can also read and download our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you have booked a trip but not yet made a donation, the trip  is unconfirmed.  You can  make a donation here for an unconfirmed trip.


You can make a booking for any trips listed on the booking form below.  Bookings normally close at least a day before the trip.  Take note of the booking reference number you get after booking and if you want to check your booking, come back to this page and put it in the box below; you can cancel a booking made through the Internet but cannot amend it. 

You will need to send a donation (£8 per person) in order to get confirmation of your booking.  You will be taken to the PayPal payment page after reserving your place.  If you have to cancel, we will refund the donation provided you let us know BEFORE THE DAY OF THE TRIP.

Visitors who do not arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before the trip time may lose their place.  Please be on time.  We will not wait for you!

Other enquiries about trips can be sent to the Club or you can go back to the general page on visiting. 

Privacy: email addresses and telephone numbers collected by the booking system are not used for any other purpose.  However, if you want the details removed after the trip, please contact the Webmaster.  Further details and a contact email address are on our Data Protection page.

Venue Day Date Time Space left / available Map link Further information
Wood Mine - Family tripTuesday23/08/202214:008 / 8
Taking bookings

Bookings close at:
23:59 on 20/08/2022
MapMeet in the main car park. Please note that this daytime trip is aimed at families on school holidays. However, other visitors are welcome.


First name    Surname 

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Other dates and times may be available, click HERE to refresh this page.

Select the number of adults (do not select more than the maximum shown left):   and children:
(children under 18 must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult)

The donation for an adult or child is £8.00 . 

If you have any special requirements such as health or
mobility restrictions, please feel free to enter them here:

If you want to ask any other questions that are not covered
in the FAQs, please feel free to enter them here:

When you book a mine trip, it would help us to know a little more about you and your interests so that we can adapt the trip to suit you.  We cannot guarantee that we can match all your interests but we will do what we can.  Please tick the appropriate boxes:

- I'd like an adventurous trip (crawls etc)   - I'd like an easy trip (may be bending but no crawls)  
- I think of myself as young and fit   - I'm getting on a bit so not as fit as I used to be  
- I have restricted mobility    
- I am interested in the history   - I am interested in the geology  
- I have done some caving before   - I'm a regular caver/mine explorer  
- This is my first visit to the Alderley Mines   - I've been down Wood Mine  
- I've been down West Mine   - I've been down Engine Vein  
- I have some other interest - see my message above  

Remember that you can add more detail in either of the message boxes above.


To display a booking, even if it has been cancelled, enter the reference and your surname, then click the orange button below.

Booking reference: and surname: used for previous booking.


First name     Surname    E-mail address 
(Please check this carefully as you will not receive an acknowledgment or confirmation if the e-mail address is wrong. )


To cancel a booking, enter the reference and your surname, then click the blue button below.

If you have already made a donation towards this trip, it will be refunded provided you cancel BEFORE the day of the trip.

Booking reference: and surname: used for previous booking.


Please read these guidelines

1. The mines involve going down uneven steps, ducking through low places and sometimes crawling on hands and knees. The crawls can usually be avoided but the low roofs in places cannot. Please take account of this. Check with your leader before the trip as the route can usually be altered to suit the group.
2. You will get sand and some mud on your shoes and clothes. It washes out but may leave stains in very light-coloured clothing. Footwear should be suitable for outdoor walking.
3. Let the leader know before you enter the mine if you have any health condition that might affect your visit or you have any particular fears of the dark or confined spaces. Take any urgent medication with you.
4. If you or anyone else in your party gets into any difficulty, call the leader immediately. This includes lights failing.
5. Wear a helmet at all times in the mine. Your light should be fixed on the helmet so that both hands are free.
6. Pay attention to the instructions given by your leader. Listen carefully when asked to be quiet.
7. Do not stray away from the group either singly or in a small group. If you want to stop to look at something or to take photographs, ask the leader to stop so that you are not left behind the group.
8. If you become separated from the group, stay where you are, you will be found quicker.
9. When climbing a ladder, use the safety line provided. Wait until the person before is off the ladder and your leader says you can start climbing. Do not look up because there is a risk of sand coming down from above.
10. Do not throw sand or stones at each other, down shafts or over bridges.
11. Do not touch or climb on walls made of stacked rocks as they might collapse and are also part of the history of the mine. Keep away from deep water and do not enter a water-filled passage unless told by your leader that it is safe.
12. Do not smoke in the mines or drop litter.
13. Children under five must be accompanied with a responsible adult for each child. Dogs must be kept on the lead.

North Boundary Fault in Wood Mine The Railway Tunnel in West Mine

North Boundary Fault in Wood Mine

The Railway Tunnel in West Mine

Superman squeeze Descending to the Hough Level

A young visitor in Rabbit Caverns, Wood Mine

Emerging from Blue Shaft in Engine Vein