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This page contains the current news in full as it appears on the scrolling news.  The second part of this page covers older news which goes back over 16 years to 2001.  Beware that some links in the news items may no longer work after changes to the website over time.

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Current newsreel

Change to secure website

I am pleased to say that the change of the website to a secure site has gone through smoothly. The site address has changed from http://www.derbsycc.org.uk to https://www.derbyscc.org.uk. The change will make the site more up-to-date and secure. If you log onto the site using the old address, a warning will appear on the home page with a link to the new address. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Nigel (Webmaster)


MEETS LISTAnton has been busy and set up dates for a load of meets, at least one a month. Have a look at the list (click the link below the news).


NAMHO Conference 2017

NAMHO Conference 2017The NAMHO Conference in 2017 is being held in Surrey and Kent under the leadership of the Wealden Cave and Mine Society. The venue will be Godstone and camping will be available. The dates are Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th June 2017. The booking form and other details are available via the conference website (www.namho2017.info). Get in quick as the number of trips is limited.

More about the Alderley Mines

The new edition of Chris Carlon's Alderley Edge Mines book is for sale from the publisher and from Amazon. Copies are also available at the Club's Open Weekends. The book has been heavily revised and describes all the main mines in detail. It remains a useful companion to the Alderley Edge Story published in 2016. Contact Nigel for further details. The cost is £12 plus postage.


Caving and mining log

The most recent items on the caving and mining log can now be viewed in brief in this panel. Click on the section below that says: news | events | log. Remember to add a record of your own trips.

Newsreel archive


Open Weekend - Wood Mine

Open Weekend - Wood MineWe are now looking forward to the next Open Weekend which is September 2nd-3rd at Wood Mine. Two types of trips are usually available, one involving a bit of crawling for the adventurous visitors and one which is mainly walking with a bit of stooping for others. The type of trip will depend on the group and leader. For more information including the booking form, you can click here. For trips down the mines at other times of the year, you can click here.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe 2017 Open Weekend at Engine Vein mine is now history. A couple of hundred visitors went round Engine Vein and saw the historic remains of Alderley Edge copper and lead mining. One visitor commented by email that her daughters said "it was an awesome 10/10 today". Many thanks to all the DCC members and friends who turned out to make the event such a success; the weather was kind to us as well although it was chilly at times. Preparations will now be started for the next Open Weekend which is September 2nd-3rd at Wood Mine. For more information including the booking form (which is now available), you can click here. For trips down the mines at other times of the year, you can click here.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend is at Engine Vein mine THIS WEEKEND. Although nearly all the spaces alocated before the weekend have been reserved, there are still 125 spaces free over the weekend. First come, first served. For more information including the booking form and a map of how to get there, you can click here. For trips down the mines at other times of the year, you can click here.


I have updated the Rogues Gallery and there are now over 100 pictures. I am sure someone will spot some omissions so if you do, let me know and send me a decent picture to add to it. I have included a number of ex-members including some who have sadly passed on to the great white cave in the sky. The gallery can be seen on the open club pages at this link.


The British Caving Association has published a cave conservation code in conjuction with Natural England and the British Cave Research Association. This can be dowloaded from our site where it will be found on the cave conservation page. All members are encouraged to read it.

DCC General Meeting

The next meeting is Monday 13th February at 8pm at the Wizard, Alderley Edge. All welcome, especially new and prospective members.

Another weekend - another party

Another weekend - another partyThis time it was Charlotte's turn. Happy Birthday, Charlotte. We all enjoyed ourselves at Bull Pot Farm. And the caving was good too. There are some pictures on the club website at this link. If anyone else wants to add photos, please do so. There is a report on the caving trips at this link.

James Johnson's 21st birthday bash

James Johnson's 21st birthday bashA great day was had by all at James' do at Alderley. There are some pictures on the club website at this link. If anyone else wants to add photos, please do so.

Happy New Year

A happy new year to all our members and website visitors. We hope it goes well for you. Members, please remember that subs are due for January 1st and should be paid by 31st March.


DCC AGM held

The Club AGM was held on Monday, 5th December. The officers and committee was unchanged except for Anton and Allan joining with Anton as Meets Secretary, and Kieran and Simon leaving. Four full and one associate member were welcomed into the Club and one person joined as a probationer. Meeting dates for 2017 were agreed and are now on the events list. If you need any further information, contact the Secretary or Treasurer.

DCRO rescue practice

There is a practice rescue at Alderley Edge on Sunday 20th November. This will include a range of exercises and could be very interesting for recent joiners. All members are encouraged to attend as this is good experience and also shows the DCRO our commitment to cave rescue. For further details, please contact Nigel.

Annual Dinner 2016

Annual Dinner 2016The Dinner and Dance will be held on 26th November at Stockport Masonic Guildhall, a venue we have used at least twice before. We have arranged a live band for a change. Tickets from Lauren or Nigel or go to the members' area of the website where you can reserve a place on-line. The main course will be a carvery with vegetarian options available. The Dinner is always a great social event and a chance for partners to meet. Normally, at least 50 to 60 attend so make sure you get there. At the Dinner, we also give out awards for Caver of the Year, Mighty Miner and so on.

Talk on Matienzo 2016

Talk on Matienzo 2016Big Steve is giving a talk about Matienzo at the Wizard on 24th October (8pm onwards). All are welcome, especially if you have not been there and are thinking of going in 2017. The talk will be partly based on Juan's talk at Eurospeleo.

September 2016 Newsletter

Paid-up members will get a copy of the newsletter by post in the next couple of days. This includes a copy of the information about safety at Alderley so that everyone has a chance to read it before the next General Meeting on 10th October. If you don't get a copy (or a letter reminding you to pay your subs), then the Club might not have your current address. Please let Nigel and Ed know so that we can update the records.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend will be at Engine Vein mine. The Open Days are 22nd and 23rd April 2017, the weekend between Easter and the Bank Holiday. There are places to book on both days and space is always left available for people turning up on the day. For more information including the booking form and a map of how to get there, you can click here. For trips down the mines at other times of the year, you can click here.

Change of Bank Account

The DCC now has a new bank account. Anyone planning to send a payment electronically to the Club should contact the Treasurer for the new details.

DCRO Open Day

Members present at the last meeting will remember mention being made of the DCRO Open Day in Buxton. Joining instructions are HERE. It is important to let Mick Earle know if you are attending. His details are on the instructions.

West Mine Trip

West Mine TripA trip has been set up for 22nd May for people wanting to try some caving with a view to joining the DCC. The trip is to West Mine at Alderley Edge so is not particularly strenuous or demanding on kit and equipment. It is essential to book on the trip as we need to supply sufficient leaders so please go to the trip booking page to reserve a place. First come, first served. Please note the lower age limit of 14 for this trip. Lights and helmets will be provided but you must have good footwear and outer clothing that you do not mind getting dirty or wet.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend will be at Wood Mine. The Open Days are 3rd and 4th September 2016 and space is always left available for people turning up on the day although these will be taken up on a first-come first-served basis. There are places to book on both days. For more information including a map of how to get there, you can click here .

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend is approaching. The Open Days are 23rd and 24th April 2016 at Engine Vein. The following Open Weekend will be 3rd and 4th September 2016 at Wood Mine. Unfortunately, there are no spaces available for reservation but space is always left available for people turning up on the day.
Open Days are not the only way to arrange a visit, go to our general page on visiting the mines to find out more.


It turns out that M****soft Edge internet browser works to different rules than Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. As a result, the booking form would not work as designed on Edge. This has now been fixed (I hope - until M****soft make the next unnecessary change). My apologies to anyone who has tried and failed to make a booking but the system should now be working OK. Nigel (Webmaster)

The Story of Alderley

The Story of Alderley This 1000-page book covering all the work done during the Alderley Edge Landscape Project (1995-2005) is now on general sale. This splendid tome has chapters on mining, social history, botany, biology, geology, and a great deal more. A quarter of the pages are dedicated to mining and geology. It is complementary to the archaeology report that was published in 2005. The price is £50 but ask Nigel who has some copies for sale for £35 each.
It is likely that the earlier archaeological report will be reprinted as the original print run has been sold out.
For any more information, contact the Club.

Website changes

I have made a few more changes to the open day booking page following difficulties experienced by some users. The changes have been subject to testing but if you hit any problems, please email the webmaster so that I can fix them promptly. Thanks.


Happy Christmas and New Year

Happy Christmas and New YearBest wishes to all DCC members, friends and cavers. Looking forward to another active year underground. Click HERE for a view of the card.

Subscriptions due!

Members of the DCC need to be aware that the Club subscriptions and BCA insurance fees are due from January 1st. The subscription rate will be going up from the end of March so get your subs in sooner rather than later. The insurance rate is the same as last year. Details are on the members' pages.

Annual Dinner awards

Annual Dinner awardsCongratulations to Dave D and Anton P for winning the awards for Caver of the Year and Mighty Miner. All other awards can be read (by members) on the handbook page.

New pictures on the home page

There are some new pictures on the home page of our site. If you don't see any new ones, try refreshing your screen (F5 in most browsers).

Glitch in Open Day booking system

A small glitch in the system stopped people from confirming Alderley Open Day bookings. This has now been fixed and the booking system is up and running.

Hidden Earth successes

Hidden Earth successesCongratulations to Tom and Lauren for winning a distinction and several merit awards in the Photo Salon at Hidden Earth. This is fitting recognition for the superb pictures both of them (and others in the Club) are achieving. The picture of Bill in Lenny's Cave gained the distinction.

Club Dinner

Club DinnerThe Club Dinner for 2015 has been booked for 28th November at Cheadle Royal. Details are available for non-members and members who can book and pay on-line. It's a great social occasion - try to be there!

Open Weekend

The next Open Weekend is at Wood Mine this coming weekend, 5th and 6th September 2015. Space is always left available for people turning up on the day. There are places to book on both days but booking closes at mid-day on Friday. For more information including a map of how to get there, you can click here .

Bookable trips down the Alderley Mines

Small groups an individuals can now book direct onto a DCC mine trip using www.eventbrite.co.uk website. The first planned visit can be viewed HERE. Other ways of visiting the mines can be found HERE.

Trips down the Alderley Mines

Do you want a trip down the mine but don't want to wait until the Open Weekend? Do you have a group who want to visit the mines? Do you have some form of special needs? Then you should contact Paul Stubbs who organises trips on behalf of the Club. Most trips are on Tuesday evenings but it is possible to vary this. Paul can be contacted on 0161 493 3132. There is more about visiting the mines on this website, just go to www.derbyscc.org.uk/visiting to find out about trips.

Surgery clean-up

The Surgery, the Club's meeting place at Alderley Edge, has been the target for a painting and cleaning weekend. It now shines out like a beacon. The inside has been thoroughly cleaned and painted. Let's hope it stays like that! The weekend also provided a good social opportunity.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend will be at Wood Mine. The Open Days are 5th and 6th September 2015 and space is always left available for people turning up on the day. There are places to book on both days. For more information including a map of how to get there, you can click here .

Open Weekend

The Open Weekend at Engine Vein is now upon us. The Open Days are 25th and 26th April 2015 and space is always left available for people turning up on the day. There are still places to book on both days. For more information including a map of how to get ther, you can click here .

Exhibition of Alderley photos

A set of Ed's photos blown up to great size is now set up in the room that used to be the general information room at the Edge, next to the Museum. The pictures are excellent. This is a permanent exhibition to show people what is under their feet at Alderley. There may be an official opening date later but the gallery has been open to visitors since Easter.

DCRO Intro Session

DCRO Intro SessionThe Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO) is holding an introductory session for anyone interested in joining the DCRO or even just finding out what it does. There are chances to try stretcher carrying, first aid, hauling, comms, etc and it is also a good opportunity to meet other team members. For further details, have a word with Nigel, Allan, Kieran or Steve. The session is on Saturday 9th May at Buxton Fire Station, the DCRO base, and I hope the Club will be represented.

Loss of past members

Loss of past membersSadly, we have to report the loss of two past members in recent days. On 16th March, Pete Borthwick who caved and dug in the Peak District with Colin Darroch, died at the age of 82. Pete had been a policeman rising to the rank of Police Inspector. He was active in the 1950s, 60s and 70s digging at, amongst other places, Car Pot and Gautries Hole at Perryfoot.
On 24th March, we lost Phill Taylor who has been battling prostate cancer for several years. Our thoughts go especially to Elaine who was so close to Phill and provided much of the care Phill needed in his closing years. Phill's funeral is in early April. Anyone wanting to know more about either past member can contact the Club.

Additions to library and club tackle

We are grateful to Tony Collins, former member of the Club, who has donated a quantity of tackle including clothing and a large library of journals. Tony is "down-sizing" so wnated to clear his garage and flat. The kit will be handed over to Olly and the library to Bill for sorting and storing.

Club Dinner

Vey successful Club Dinner for 2014. Were you there? If not why not! The only problem is has anyone seen the remaining box of calendars?

New facility for members to put up NEWS items

A new feature on the members' pages allows members to put up a news item. This is coupled with a scrolling news section on the members' home page. This news shows all the public items and also items private to the club members. To set up a news item, go to the news creation page. Members will need to log in to use these links.


Club Dinner

The Club Dinner for 2014 has been booked for 29th November in Stockport. Details are available for non-members and members who can book and pay on-line. It's a great social occasion - try to be there!

DCC Calendars

DCC CalendarsYes - we are on the ball this year! An excellent 2015 calendar has been produced by Purdie and Lauren and is available for sale to the public and to members. The price to the public is £8 and proceeds go towards the expedition fund. Anyone wanting a copy should contact Purdie. (Email to the Secretary if you do not have Purdie's email address.)

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend is approaching fast but booking is still possible. The Open Days are 25th and 26th April 2015 at Engine Vein. The following Open Weekend will be 5/6 September 2015. There are still spaces available for reservation and space is always left available for people turning up on the day.

Loss of another member

Loss of another memberSadly, we have to report the loss of another member, Paul Deakin, who died recently after surviving many years of illness. Paul is well-known in Derbyshire and the UK as a whole as a brilliant photographer and mine surveyor. Apart from being an Honorary Member of the DCC, he was also official mine surveyor for the Alderley Edge Mines. He will be sadly missed and our condolences go to his family and many friends. His funeral will be held on Wednesday, 17th September. If anyone wishes to have more information about David or the funeral, please contact John or Nigel.

Matienzo 2014 and 2015

Matienzo 2014 and 2015A short report and a selection of photos are now available in the members' and public areas. If anyone has pictures to add, please do so. The expedition next year is already being planned and at present it looks like there could be 8-10 members on it. Speak to Pete C, Bill B, Purdie or Nigel D if you want to know more.

Supper at Alderley Edge

A grand time was had by all at the Wizard Tea Rooms on Saturday night. During the Saturday and Sunday, various sessions were spent underground and on the surface looking at sites and practising digging techniques.

Supper at Alderley Edge

Members are reminded that there will be a social at Alderley Edge on Saturday 23rd August when a supper will be served for about 35 people at about 7 pm. If you have not contacted Bill or Nigel yet, then you had better do so as the allocation will be on a first come first served basis once we have served the people who definitely say they are coming. Bring your own drink. Cost £10 each including Hot Pot main and Apple Crumble desert. If you want to join in a trip, meet at the Surgery at noon before the social.

Nuisance user!

Someone has been illegally using our address: opendays [at] derbyscc.org.uk to send spam emails. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but sadly there is no way we can prevent this as the emails are NOT being sent through our server. Hopefully, this timewaster will realise that the exercise is quite pointless and desist soon.

Nuisance user!

Will the Polish person at IP address please stop trying to break into our bulletin board. Any further abuse will be reported to the authorities who may take severe action against hackers.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendWe hope all those who made it to Engine Vein on 26th or 27th April had a great weekend whether as a visitor or a member. The weather was kind to us! Some pictures are now available. The next Open Weekend is now 6th and 7th September and the booking system is open. There are always spaces available for people arriving on the day but reserving a place makes your trip more certain.

Open Weekend

The next Open Weekend is this weekend. There are still spaces available for people arriving on the day. Trips will go ahead, despite the weather.

Website changes

I have made a number of changes to the web pages behind the scenes such as checking that what people enter on an Open Day booking form is correct. If anyone spots any errors, can they please let me know as soon as possible? I will keep on checking in the meantime. If things don't look quite right, please try refreshing your screen first (usually, press F5). Nigel (Webmaster)

Loss of another past member

Sadly, we have to report the loss of David New, John's son, from natural causes. He will be sadly missed by John, Lou, Josh, his mother Joy and sister Lisa. David's funeral will be held in Stockport on 4th April. If anyone wishes to have more information about David or the funeral, please contact John or Nigel.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThe next Open Weekend is approaching rapidly. It will be 26/27 April 2014 at Engine Vein. The following Open Weekend aill be 6/7 September 2014. There are still spaces available for reservation and space is always left available for the day.


We all enjoyed a fascinating talk from Alley on Underground Stockport on 10th March. The Cocked Hat in Stockport (formerly the Pack Horse) made a very good venue. Next slideshow has not yet been arranged. Any suggestions? The date will be 12th May.

Alderley Edge May Fair

The Club will have a presence at the May Fair on 17th May this year. We are also planning to take part in the parade. It should be entertaining as much for us as for the Alderley Edge residents. For details, speak to Ed or Nigel.

DCRO rescue practice

There is a practice rescue at Stoney Middleton on 9th March. This will include a range of exercises and could be very interesting for recent joiners. For further details, please contact Nigel.

Meets list - 2014

Tom and Olly have been busy setting up a meets list for this year. Members should look at the events calendar for more detail. A summary can be read by clicking the link below.

General meeting

General meetingPlease note the date of the next General Meeting (10 February). All 2014 meetings are now on the club events list.



Don't forget the AGM on 2nd December, at the Wizard pub at Alderley Edge. All those who have recently joined should make an effort to get there so that their membership can be confirmed.

Parys Mountain

There's a spare place on the Parys Mountain trip in November. If anyone member is interested, please contact Ed as soon as possible.


Next slideshow has not yet been arranged. Any suggestions?


Next slideshow at the Wizard is planned for 4th November. I think Tom will be giving a talk on Matienzo. All welcome.

Booking trips

A new facility has been created to allow public booking of Sunday trips outside the Open Weekends. Follow this link.

Open Weekend

Open WeekendWe hope everyone enjoyed the trips over the Open Weekend. The next Open Weekend will probably be 26/27 April 2014 followed by 6/7 September 2014. Watch this site for {more Detail}. You can also get on trips at other times in the year either as a group or an individual. The item below links to the page for people who cannot get a large group together.

Joining the DCC

New members always welcome. Go to our Club joining page. This page has been updated to tell prospective and new members more about the Club.

General meeting

Please note the date of the next General Meeting (14 October).

Open Weekend

Open WeekendThere are still bookable places available at the September {Open Weekend} at Wood Mine. The dates are 7th and 8th September. Even if you cannot reserve the place you want, come along as space is always kept for people who turn up on the day. All members are encouraged to come along and help. It's a great opportunity to show off the Club's activities - caving and mining as well as Alderley Edge.

DCC Forum

DCC ForumNew {forum for members and guests}. There is a link at the bottom of every page.

Club Dinner

The Club Dinner for 2013 has been booked for 15th June 2013 in Stockport. Details are available for non-members and members who can book and pay on-line. It's a great social occasion - try to be there!


New {DCC newsletter} available (link for members only). Members (who have paid subs) will get a copy by email or post.

West Mine

Anyone who had planned to come on the West Mine trip on 26th May, please contact the Club to confirm you are coming and get details of where and when to meet. Please email to alderleymines [at] Derbyscc.org.uk (replacing [at] with @).


BBQ planned for May has been cancelled because the Dinner is just a month away. Sorry about any inconvenience caused.


A map feature has been added to the caving log showing where trips have been. The map page can also be used to zoom in on a grid reference - useful when arranging trips. Try this link to the{Surgery at Alderley Edge}.

Open Weekend

April{Open Weekend} is 27th and 28th. All members are encouraged to come along and help. It's a great opportunity to show off the Club's activities - caving and mining as well as Alderley Edge.

Manchester Museum

Manchester MuseumThe Manchester Museum has re-opened the {Ancient Worlds gallery}. The Roman coins and the Bronze Age shovel are both on display. The DCC gets credit in the new museum guidebook.

Where am I?

Members can now see who lives nearest to them. The{membership list} on the Club pages has the mileage from your own home address.

Open Weekend

The decision has been made that the next April Open Weekend will be 27th-28th April 2013 at Engine Vein. Bookings can now be taken. To make a booking, go to the page on {Open Days}.


Meets List

2012 meets list with mine and cave trips can be read on the{Club calendar}. Remember, it's your calendar: members can add their own trips.

Practice Rescue

Practice RescueA very successful practice rescue was held at Alderley Edge in November. Over 60 people attended including at least 20 from the DCC.

Trip choices

Trip choicesNew feature on Club events list (members only) to allow people to say whether they will or will not attend club meets. [Feature was dropped through lack of use]

Derek Kenyon

Derek KenyonSadly, we have lost another member, Derek Kenyon. Derek was a keen digger in the 1980s and worked on Bear Pit, Ring Shaft and elsewhere. There is a short note and more photos on the log (click {HERE}).


Club AGM at the{Wizard} on 3rd December.

Mining Photos

Mining PhotosMore mining photos on the {mining gallery}.

Website changes

Website changesThe website has a new appearance with drop down menus common to all pages. If you cannot see a line of black buttons under the heading, please refresh the page (usually pressing F5 will do this).

Ian Higgins

Ian HigginsIt is sad to have to report that Iggy (Ian Higgins) died recently. Anyone wanting to know more details should contact the Club. The picture is of Iggy at an early Wood Mine Open Day.


MatienzoMatienzo yielded another cave with over 300m of decent passage and as this was entered on the day of Lennie's funeral, it has become known as Lennie's Cave - a fitting tribute.

4 weddings

The Club held a social event down West Mine in mid-October to celebrate Four Weddings and a Funeral. The weddings all involved members: Tony and Sue, Ed and Bev, John and Heather and Gaz and Katie. The funeral was the loss of Lennie but we celebrated the memory of his life in good style. We're sure he would have approved. Money collected on the night has been donated to {DCRO}.

Arthur Ball

Arthur BallFollowing too soon after the sad loss of Todge (Alan Burgess) in July 2011, we have now lost the last founder member still in the Club, Arthur Ball. Arthur died at home at the end of September in his mid-80s. Both Arthur and Todge were in the Orpheus Caving Club before the separation out of the Northern Group as the DCC. Both will be sadly missed as they have been members of the DCC for more than 50 years. (Arthur is second from left in the picture above in the grey jerkin - September 2009 at Wood Mine with Dale Street, David Ball and Jock. Below shows Todge at the 50th Anniversary Dinner in 2010 talking to Dale Street.)

There have been some intermittent problems with acknowledging emails through the website. If you need to check yours has got through, email the webmaster through the {Contacts} page.

The{Fluffies page} has been updated with photos. The video will follow when it has been cleared by the lawyers.


Members' log-in has been upgraded and you can now get your password if you forget it and change it yourself.

Len Gee

Len GeeSadly, we lost Len Gee this summer. Many Club members paid their respects at his funeral on 1st August but he will be missed by all his friends in the DCC and elsewhere in the caving world.

Open Weekend

The September Open Weekend has passed but you can start to plan now for the spring one in 2013. Details have not been finalised but it is likely to be at the end of April in Engine Vein. Watch this space or go to the page on {Open Days}.

Malcolm Bailey

Malcolm BaileyMalcolm arrived at John O'Groats at 1720 on 14th June after 942 miles cycling from Land's End. More {here}.


New page added about arrangements for {visits by Scouts}.


The latest newsletter has been sent to members and is also on-line{HERE}.

NAMHO conference

The NAMHO conference at Quarry Bank Mill passed off very smoothly thanks to the hard work by the Club members. Trips were run to various locations around the area including Winsford, Poynton, Apedale, Pott Shrigley, Stoney Middleton and of course Alderley Edge. A {report} has been prepared on the conference.

Open Weekend

On-line {booking} is open now for the September Open Weekend. Booking closes at mid-day the Friday before the weekend. Book on-line to make sure you have a trip at the time of your choice. There are a few places available for short West Mine trips too.

Open Weekend

The April Open Weekend has passed but you can start to plan now for the autumn one at Wood Mine on 1st and 2nd September. On-line {booking} is open now.

Open Weekend

Despite the bad weather, the spring Open Weekend had a very good turnout. If you came and have any comments - good or bad! - please feel free to {email the Club} to let us know.

Reports and albums

Reports and albumsNew layout for {reports} which I hope will be clearer. These links go to the public areas but members can add new albums, and photos and add comments and titles.

Recent trips

Recent tripsCRTT, Giants, Moel Fferna and other {trip reports} and album pictures now available.

Granville Shillito

Granville ShillitoSadly, we have heard that Granville Shillito, orator, caver, collector, fluffy, has died. Club members will be kept informed. There are a couple of pictures on the {log page}.

NAMHO Conference

NAMHO Conference booking is now live and on-line [closed now]. Don't miss out on this year's conference being hosted by the DCC. Special terms apply to DCC members.

NAMHO Conference

The Club is hosting the 2012 NAMHO Conference. NAMHO is the National Association of Mining History Organisations. [Details removed but members can read the {proceedings}]

Open Weekend

The April Open Weekend is now upon us. If you haven't booked, just turn up on Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th April and take your chance. There are still nearly 180 spaces available for people who turn up on the day. Good luck!

Open Weekend

Booking can now be made on-line for the 2012 Open Weekend at Alderley Edge by following{THIS LINK}.


Meets list

2011 meets list with mine and cave trips can be read on the{Club calendar}. 2012 trips to be added soon.

Annual Dinner

A very successful annual dinner was held in Stockport and was attended by over 80 members, partners and friends.

Annual Dinner

The {Annual Dinner arrangements} are now on-line for members.


There will be a newsletter soon. Members are invited to send in articles. The newsletter will include a report on DCC activity in Matienzo.


{Latest newsletter} now on-line and in post to non-Internet members. Club members will get a slightly fuller edition than the public issue.

Trip Reports

Any more trip reports? Members are free to{put their reports on-line}.

Albums can be created and edited {here}.

Photo album now has a {slideshow} facility too.

{Trip report} and album set up for the visits to South Wales and Cambrian mine.

Open Weekend

The next Open Weekend is at Wood Mine in early September. {Bookings} are now being taken.

We would very much like to receive{comments} from anyone who came on the Engine Vein Open Weekend 16/17 April. A special one-day Open Day may be arranged at West Mine at some other time.

SRT practice

An SRT practice session in West Mine is planned this Spring. We hope to follow this with a session at Cheedale in the summer.

Engine Vein

The problems we thought we had with the drainage above Engine Vein have turned out not to be so and the next Open Day will still be at Engine Vein. Reservations can still be made on our {bookings page} until the Friday before.

Open Weekends

The planned dates for the next Alderley Edge{Open Weekends} have been fixed as 16th/17th April 2011 and 3rd/4th September. It is hoped that the first will be at Engine Vein and the second at Wood Mine.



{December 2010 Newsletter} on-line now.


There's a new {photo album feature} on the DCC info (public) pages. Take a look and let the Webmaster know what you think.

Ex-members area

Following the dinner and meeting so many past members, we have set up an area on the web for ex-members where they can {record anecdotes and share photos}. Access to the full library of newsletters is also possible.

Club Dinner

A very successful Club Dinner was held on Saturday, 20th. Well over 100 people turned out and many ex-members came as well as representatives and guests from other clubs. Special thanks must go to Sue and Tony who did all the planning and put so much thought into making it a very special night.

Meets List

Allan has added more {meets} for this autumn. Members are strongly encouraged to support Allan's efforts.

Open Weekend

The {September 2010 Open Weekend} has passed.

Some photos are available at{this link} (no, Ed, not those ones!).


New page for members only on {Alderley rescue arrangements}. Mining pages for Cheshire, Isle of Man, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire and Durham have been revised.

Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner menu now available. {Bookings} can be made on-line (Club members only) or via Sue.


Alderley Edge mines featured on Countryfile on BBC in September.

Panorama views

A new page has been set up to show{panoramas} of chambers in the mines. Rough pictures of Sand Cavern and the main chamber in Engine Vein have been set up so far. Have a look and give me your comments.


The latest Descent has pictures of Nigel and Liz (in separate shots). There's also a good article about the Fiesta in Matienzo with pictures of the whole group and the Fluffies - with Liz's knees.

Recent meets

A meet report on the {NAMHO conference} is now on-line.

There is also a report on the {Matienzo bash at Dalesbridge}.

{The rocket} also made a return after being dormant for 17 years


A number of pages have been slightly changed. If a link you have bookmarked stops working, please use the menus or search facilities to find the new name.

Copper processing

There is a new page on{how to extract copper} from the Alderley ore using vinegar.

Open Weekend

The next{Open Weekend} will be in September but if you want a trip before then, look at the web pages about visits as special trips can be arranged for groups.

Golden Anniversary

A new page has been set up to summarise plans for the {Club's Golden Anniversary}. This is available to the general public.

Open Weekend

The April Open Weekend has now passed and many people enjoyed a guided visit to Wood Mine.

Caving log

The caving log has been enhanced with captions. Details of the recent trips to Layby Pot and West Mine are on-line with a selection of photos.

Website changes

Do you like the changes to the front page? Whether or not, the {Webmaster} would like to know.

Handbook, records and library

Club members can now read the {Club Handbook} on-line and print selected pages.

Club {records} and library are also fully listed on-line for members only.

Current Archaeology

Alderley Edge and its mines feature on the front page and a major article in {Current Archaeology}, January edition.

Open Weekend

Keep the weekend of 17th-18th April 2010 free for the April {Open Weekend}. Details will be confirmed later.

Club log

There is a new page where members can {read about recent trips} and view photographs. Members can also {add their own accounts} and pictures. It is quite basic but should be adequate. Guests can post items but they are not displayed until checked by the Webmaster.


Golden Anniversary

2010 is the DCC's 50th anniversary. Anyone got ideas how to celebrate?


AGM soon. Members should look at the members' pages for details. The Chairman is resigning so there is a vacancy to be filled.

Alderley past

New photos from the 1940s and 1950s on the {Alderley Gallery}.

Annual Dinner

{DCC annual dinner} in less than two weeks at the Coach and Four, Wilmslow on the 28th of November 2009. DON'T MISS IT: Simon sings Karaoke! If you cannot make the dinner, what about coming along afterwards.

Open Weekend

The September Open Days are now history and we look forward to the next Open Days in April. Keep the weekend of 17th-18th April 2010 free. Details will be confirmed later.

Annual Dinner

{Annual Dinner booking screens} now on-line (members only). Non-members should e-mail the treasurer at derbyscc.org.uk.

Colin Darroch and Jim Lovelock

Ceremonies to scatter the ashes of past members Colin Darroch and Jim Lovelock take place in September on separate dates. Anyone remembering them and wanting to take part should contact the Club. Email to the Secretary or Webmaster.

Open Weekend

Change of Open Day Plans: the {Open Days} on September 5th and 6th will now be held at Wood Mine. Please note new venue.

Mine break-ins

Recent break-ins at Wood Mine and West Mine have cost the Club money and time and have been reported to the Police and Natural England as the vandalism in the mines is a criminal offence. The Police will be making enquiries to try to find the perpetrators. Access is readily available by following {this link}.

Searching the site

Have you tried our {search facility}?

Nent Head

Members will find details of a recent trip to {Nent Head } (no password required).

NAMHO Conference

NAMHO Conference coming up soon. DCC members have been asked to arrange trips to the Alderley mines.

Malcolm Bailey

Malcolm's Bike Ride: in support of DCRO and Christie's - details of his plans and, during the ride, his progress, will be available on this site by following {this link}. Malcolm starts on 5th June.

Open Weekend

Money was pledged to Malcolm for his bike ride based on the number of visitors we welcomed at the Open Weekend and his charity choices have received some significant contributions as a result.

Peak District trip

Trip to the Peak District over the weekend, 15-17 May. Contact Bill B. for details.

Trip reports

Members will find details of recent work in {Braille Cave} in the log.

There are also details of a visit to slate mines in {North Wales}.

Radio broadcast

The Webmaster recently appeared on {Canalside Community Radio} in Bollington to publicise the Club's activities and the Open Weekend.

Open Weekend

A successful {Open Weekend} was held at Wood Mine, Alderley Edge on 25th and 26th April 2009.


Plenty going on this year; we had a meet in Derbyshire in May, there is another trip to Derbyshire in August, Tony B is going to Matienzo this summer and Simon, Neil, Pete and Allan continue to cave regularly in the Dales.


Alderley mines

To bring things up to date: (a) West Mine now has a couple of interesting traverses to test people's caving skills; (b) the Flight Deck rope has been replaced with a rope ladder; (c) the entrance passage to Engine Vein has been dried out a bit by putting in a membrane and drain pipes.


West Mine photos

Pictures added of the work at Plank Shaft - check the new {West Mine Photogallery}

Plank Shaft

Some investigation has been begun at the bottom of Plank Shaft by Malcolm and others.

Wood Mine bridge

New bridge (the "Bailey" Bridge) now installed in Wood Mine at the end of the adit. Along with the ladders at Junction Shaft and Sand Cavern, the work has been done by Malcolm and his loyal team to a very high standard.

Timber Shaft

Timber Shaft dig still going.


Alderley Edge

Dumper up and running! 2004 April and September Open Days were quieter than usual but just as enjoyable for club members and visitors alike. Digging underway in West Mine at the end of the Main Chamber.

Open Weekend

The Open Day got a number of the cavers out to help the miners at Alderley Edge. The caving side of the club is building up again with regular trips being organised. Contact the{ Secretary} for more information.



Members joined the Matienzo expedition and a cave was extended after a concerted dig at the end.

Alderley Edge

A brief round-up: 1 The dumper has been refurbished and is nearly ready for use again. It should not jump out of gear now. Before it goes back into service, it will have an anti-roll bar fitted. 2 The September 2002 Open Weekend was very popular but huge queues developed on the Sunday. As a result, timed tickets were issued on the April 2003 Open Weekend at Church Quarry. 3 The Church Quarry weekend involved demonstrations of a working forge making tools, casting copper, smelting with a bole furnace, cave radio and cave rescue. 4 The dig at Engine Vein has been completed and is currently being recorded.


Alderley Edge

Consent has been gained for limited excavation to be resumed on the scheduled sites. The dig at Engine Vein has resumed subject to records being kept and furnished to the Cheshire archivist at the end of the dig. Emergency work has been carried out on a shaft at Engine Vein which subsided slightly in February and which has now been sealed and topped back up to surface level with {DCMS} consent.


Alderley Edge

The sites around the 1860s treatment works and Engine Vein have been scheduled. See the new page concerning {legal constraints}.

Alderley Edge

The water and mud above Engine Vein has been removed by the National Trust with help from the DCC. The mud has built up over twenty years and reached 8 feet deep at the lowest point. In future, it will be cleared at regular intervals now that access has been improved and a workable digging technique has been developed.

White Scar Cave

Page added on dig in {White Scar Cave, Yorkshire}.

Carlswark Cavern

Digging is proceeding in Carlswark Cavern. See project news under "club - digging" or click {HERE}.

Alderley Edge

Scheduling remains imminent. This will make digging of certain mines very difficult although the terms of agreement with English Heritage have yet to be agreed. The Open Day on 1/2 September was deemed a success.

Open Weekend

It has been decided that the Open Days will go ahead on 1 and 2 September 2001 with a demonstration of Club activities in Wood Mine. For more details, go to the webpage on {Open Days}.

Alderley Edge

Scheduling of parts of the Edge as ancient monuments is now imminent. Watch this space as we will insert a new page when this is complete to explain the implications to members and visitors alike.

Engine Vein

Clearing of the "pond" above Engine Vein has been started by the National Trust as part of a volunteer programme. The water disappeared mysteriously before the work started. Was this work of the wizard???

Foot and mouth

Some of the restrictions on access imposed because of the foot and mouth epidemic have been lifted. For further information, please contact the Club by e-mailing the Club.

Open Weekend

The next Open Weekend is scheduled for 1 and 2 September 2001. This is likely to be in Wood Mine. For further details, look at the page on Open Days.

Engine Vein

Extension at Engine Vein towards Beacon Lodge. This was found by a combined effort pushing a crawl at the western end of Engine Vein. Evidence suggests that it may have been 18th century work following the lead vein at Engine Vein but could also have been re-entered in the early 19th century.

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