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To centre the map on a grid reference or lat/long, use the boxes below the map.
Click on pointers for more information.

To centre the map on a grid reference, enter the details here.  Boxes left blank will be ignored.

GB grid reference (e.g. SJ 8519 7760) Irish grid reference (e.g. H 084 386)

or UTM UPS reference (e.g. 30T 452420 4797239 - Bar German)
(Make sure the numbers are separated by spaces with 6 or 7 digits followed by 7 digits. Map Datum is WGS84)

or latitude and longitude (WGS84): latitude N:  S:  ,  longitude W:  E: 
Select lat/long display format: dd.ddddd°    dd° mm.mmmm'    dd° mm' ss" .     Negative values are ignored, use N/S or W/E selectors as required.

Zoom level (lower number gives a larger area and less detail):                                     

Note: in the UTM or lat/long references, the space can be replaced with a + sign.

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