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Sub-title: The Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool - 2008

Gallery: Other undergound sites

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Title: The Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool - 2008
Comments: Stone quarries arched over for redevelopment in the 19th century

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MiscellaneousStockport air raid sheltersCatacombs in Malta
Industrial tunnelsCave houses in TunisiaUnderground government bunkers
Hack Green, CheshireHack Green, CheshireWarren Row. The power room.
Warren Row. Main passage.The grounds of Lathom Hall in Lancashire - 1998The entrance shaft in the grounds.
A brick lined and roofed section.Another section of culvert made of stone blocks on brick footings.A simpler form of construction with stone walls and a stone slabbed roof.
The Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool - 2008Williamson tunnels (stone quarries) in Liverpool's Edge Hill.General view of one of the tunnels.
Evidence of a derrick crane in the tunnel.A close-up of the fine stonework in the 'ballroom' shown in the first picture.Mellor Mill tailraces and other tunnels
Centre wheel pit at MellorThe coal cellar near the central wheel pitThe Waterloo wheel pit
The central tunnelBlockage by demolition rubble in the central tunnelThe western tunnel with natural roof
The end of the tunnel with a fine rustic stone archLooking the other way along the western tunnelThe side tunnel into the western tunnel
Opening to the river from the by-pass tunnel.Looking into the outlet tunnelLooking out from the silted tunnel
The by-pass old tunnel from the Waterloo wheel to the riverAnother view of the by-pass tunnelThe machinery tunnel to the mill
The machinery tunnel to the workshopsInlet to the stream tunnelThe stream tunnel
One of the drainage conduitsCellars under the road/river bridge

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