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Gallery: Caving in the UK

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Title: Simon

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Gaping Gill via Bar Pot - 2007Preparing for the tripDirections to the court
Checking the rules for setting up the netSetting up in Sand CavernPractice
Refreshments - Robinsons Barley Water, of courseComing out on the winchGaping Gill entrance
Wretched Rabbit (1) and Notts II (2-4) - 2007Rigging and descendingClimbing the scaffolded route into Notts II
In Notts II - keep smiling!Main stream in Notts IISutherland - 2006
Awaiting captionAwaiting captionAwaiting caption
Awaiting captionAlum Pot, Yorkshire - 2006Classic view towards Alum Pot
In Alum PotLooking outApproaching the Bridge
Fatigue Pot, Derbyshire - 2006Tight entranceInside
Tight crawlIt's a bit dirty in there!Giants Hole, Derbyshire - 2006
In the Crab WalkWet cascadeWet cascade
In the Oxlow connectionLost John's Pot, Yorkshire - 2006The group
Narrow passageEasy passageTight passage
Sell Gill Holes, Yorkshire - 2005Tony entering the caveTony going down the main pitch
John in the crawl between the pitchesNigel and Tony at the bottom of the main pitchCaving trip to Skye - 2005
AllanAllan in a tight bitSimon
Simon gets a bit wetSpeedwell Cavern, Derbyshire - 2004Preparing kit including the dinghy to collect rubbish
Returning up the pitch from the bottomTrip to Matienzo in 2007In Coquisera. It's warm in them there caves!
Coventosa, a magnificent cave and quite easy access.Formations in Coventosa.Sometimes, the pitches get a bit tight.
Jugholes, Derbyshire - August 2008Between the two holes at Jugholes. There is daylight below.Looking out to daylight. The previous picture was looking down here.
Looking into Jugholes. The way to the lower cave is on the right.Inside the 20th century fluorspar mine.The main entrance to Jugholes. Lower cave on the left.
Tub in the last chamber before the adit exit.Tub in the last chamber before the adit exit.Tub in the last chamber before the adit exit.
Stone arching in the adit entrance.The adit entrance tube.Simon and Allan outside the adit.
Simon and Nigel outside the adit.

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