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ANTRO DEL CORCHIA, Apuan Alps, Italy

View of the Corchia and surrounding area from the PaniaThe Club first visited the area in 1967 and a small team explored the Antro del Corchia.  In 1968, a larger expedition returned to extend the cave and try to push at the marble boulder choke at the bottom.  An extension was found, but off the side of the cave, and this eventually led to a new lower entrance now known as the Buca del Serpente.  The Club returned in 1969 at Easter, July and October and various loose ends were tidied up.

Jane Kennedy in a traverse in the Corchia photographed in 1968There was a lull followed by a Club trip/holiday in 1973 (total cost of ferry, transport and main meals was £30 per person!) and there have been various smaller scale visits since.  The Club and the area around the village of Levigliani became closely connected through the work of Stan Gee (deceased).

The following reports were published by the DCC and can be downloaded here:

1.    Report of 1967 expedition

2.    Report of 1968-69 expeditions

3.    Newsletter article of 1973 expedition

4.    Newsletter article of follow-up 1973 expedition

5.    Newsletter article of 1974 expedition

6.    Newsletter article of 1975 expedition

7.    Original prospectus for the expedition in 1968

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