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The DCC was formed at the very end of 1960 out of part of the Orpheus Caving Club.  The OCC had been divided into a northern and a southern group about two years previously and both parts called themselves the Orpheus during that period.  This caused some confusion and it was decided to formally refer to the Northern section as the Derbyshire Caving Club at a meeting between the two groups in December 1960. 

The first formal meeting of the DCC was probably the AGM on 6th May 1961 but the Club had already published a newsletter (No 1) so it is probably reasonable to say that the Club was formed in 1960.  So we celebrated the 50th year of the Club in 2010 and now will celebrate the 60th year in 2020.

Big Summer Blowout

A number of plans were being made led by Yvonne and Gina on behalf of the Club.  These were to include:

  • A 60th Party in Derbyshire in July for Club members and friends from Derbyshire and further afield.
  • A special journal (ideas to Callum please) containing articles about the history of the Club and much more.
  • A traditional Annual Dinner on 28th November at Bramhall Golf Club to which special guests from other clubs will be invited.
  • And anything else you can think of.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, some of these plans will change.  In particular, the 60th Party has been POSTPONED until the same time in 2021 due to uncertainty about the meeting together of a large number of people.  Other plans should not need to be changed although the Annual Dinner will of course depend on the outbreak being over by then.

The picture on the left is the poster for the summer party at Buxton.  On the right is the congratulatory letter from the Queen on our 50th Anniversary.  Beat that!  Below is the photo of the Club at the 21st Dinner - see who you can spot who is still in the Club.

Congratulations on our 50th anniversary

Nigel Geordie AG Jock Dale Street Steve Derek Ethel Colin DCC 21st Dinner

The Club was formed around 1960 following a split from the Orpheus Caving Club.  In 2020, the DCC celebrates 60 years of existence and this page will reflect that event.  While it is being developed, it will provisionally contain the history of the Club and the record of expeditions extracted from the old Club handbook.

If you want to look back over the history of the Club, members can read the minutes of meetings and journals/newsletters going back to the dawn of time, i.e. 1958.  There are even some newsletters from the Stockport Potholing and Caving Club, a forerunner of the DCC in the 1950s.


to 1959   Stockport Potholers and Climbers Club and Orpheus Caving Club (Northern Section)

1959-60   Split from Orpheus. OCC retained the name. DCC formed.

1960   January - first meeting of DCC

1968   First Club Expedition (Italy)

1969   Negotiations for and reopening of Wood Mine

1972   Spluga Expedition

1975   Reopening of West Mine

1980   21st Annual Dinner at Stockport Cricket Club

1981   Capping of Engine Vein; addition to lease

1982   Inauguration of the Fluffies

1985   25th Annual Dinner and exhibition at Haddon Hall Hotel, Buxton

1985   Closure of Royal Oak

1988   Move to Pack Horse, Market Place

1991   Berger Expedition

1993   The year of the Rocket

1997-98   Alderley Edge Landscape Project

2000   Millennium and 40th year of the DCC

2002   New way into West Mine opened in 18-acre field

2010   GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY of the Club

2011   Founder members Arthur Ball and Todge Burgess died: new award for Novice of the Year

2012   DCC hosts the NAMHO Conference at Quarrybank Mill, Styal; Len Gee died; Lenny's Cave found in Matienzo; Ed, Tony, John and Heather married (and celebrated in style in West Mine as "4 Weddings and a Funeral")

2014   Scout access to the Alderley Mines sorted out; Paul Deakin died

2015   Pete Borthwick and Phill Taylor died; the Surgery had a major clean-up

2016   New policy on climbing vertical ladders at Alderley Edge following a visit by the Mine Inspector

2017   New newsletter editor!  Reeking Mine opened up

2018  Reeking Mine revealed its history

2019  Three members and ex-members died during the year; plans started for 60th anniversary



1962   Gouffre Berger 1

1967   Antro del Corchia 2; Gouffre Berger 1

1968   Antro del Corchia 30 Club Expedition

1969   Antro del Corchia 2

1970   Gouffre Berger 2

1971   Pierre St Martin 5; Joint Club Expedition

1972   Spluga della Preta 30; Club Expedition

1973   Pierre St Martin 2; Antro del Corchia 25 Club Expedition

1974   Poland 2; Italy 6; Matienzo 1

1975   Gouffre Berger 25 Club Expedition; Antro del Corchia 5; Matienzo 2

1976   Abisso Michele Gortani 7 Club Expedition; Italy 3; Matienzo 2

1977   Italy 4; Matienzo 6

1978   Ireland 10; Club Expedition Italy 4; Matienzo 2

1979   Spluga della Preta 3 Club Expedition; Matienzo 2

1980   Gouffre Fromagere 3 Club Expedition and Gouffre Berger; Matienzo 2

1981   Sima G.E.S. Malaga 7 Club Expedition; Matienzo 2

1982/3   Mexico 3; Matienzo 1

1983   Gouffre Berger 6; Matienzo 2

1984   Nare River Cave 1; Matienzo 10 Club Expedition

1985   Matienzo (Easter) 1; Matienzo (Summer) 7

1985/6   Mexico 4

1986   Matienzo 1; Ireland 7; Gouffre Berger/Fromagere 1; Dachstein, Austria 3

1987   Matienzo 8

1987/8   Mexico 3

1988   Matienzo 8

1991   Gouffre Berger 29 Club Expedition; Ireland 2

1992   Mallorca 18 Including families and friends Albania Joint Club Expedition

1993   Matienzo 20

1994   Gouffre Berger >1; Joint Club Expedition Matienzo 10

1995   Mallorca 26 Including families and friends; Alaska 1

1996   Ireland 4; Spain/Pyrenees ?; Alaska 1

1997   Alaska 1; Matienzo 4

1998   Alaska 2; Matienzo 4

1999   Canada 1; Matienzo 4

2000   Alaska 1; Matienzo 4

2001   Alaska/Canada 1

2003   Matienzo 8

2004   Matienzo 9

2005   Skye 4 (R)

2006   Mallorca 3; Matienzo 4

2007   Matienzo 7

2008   Matienzo 6

2009   Matienzo 6

2010   Matienzo 14 (40th/50th anniversary) (R)

2011   Matienzo 9

2012   Matienzo ~6

2013   Matienzo (Easter); Matienzo (Summer) ~6

2014   Matienzo 11

2015   Matienzo (Easter) 3; Matienzo (Summer) 12+ (R)

2016   Gouffre Berger 2; Matienzo 11

2017   Matienzo 11 (R)

2018   Assynt, Scotland 8 (R); Matienzo 10 (R)

2019   Matienzo 8 (R)

2020   [Covid19 shut things down]

2021   ???

The first newsletter

Message from HRH

Gouffre Berger 1991

Bill in Coreano, Matienzo