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Some rippled rock found in a floordownload this image download     

Album: Cwmorthin Mine
Owner: Nigel Dibben
Date: 28 October 2012
GR(s): SH 6794 4629

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Title: Some rippled rock found in a floor

Photo date: 2012:10:28 13:00:47
Photo owner: Nigel Dibben
Camera: Canon PowerShot A610
File: 021_IMB1_260 8_rs_A046.jp g

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At the entranceDam in the workingsLever operated gate valve on the dam
Waste wagon that was probably rolled down the incline when the working stoppedWaste wagon that was probably rolled down the incline when the working stoppedOlly looking at a missing bridge
PointsA crane cum winch in one of the chambers at the top of an inclineCloser view of the crane
Electric motor and gearingStarter and speed controllerThe incline
Another view of the incline - floodedThe remains of a dismantled derrick crane in the nearby levelTypical abandoned working area
Climbing down the remains of a staircaseFlooded workingsIn the caban chamber
The caban, trial level and chamber aboveReading old newspapers stuck to the caban wallSome rippled rock found in a floor
Connecting levelsWaterfallSome crystals, possibly gypsum, in the roof
Olly's glove for scaleClimbing up to a winch operating platformThe winch platform
Mark climbing up tooView of one of the winch drums from belowFrom the other side
The top of the incline served by the winchIn the compressor chamberCooling water tanks for the compressor
The waterwheel that powers the lamps in the compressor chamberWaterfilled level - an alternative route!Steve demonstrates the depth
Signing the visitor bookEntering the hurdle passageRoof support
And more supportSome bridges haven't done wellBut others are still quite solid
With good roof supportsBut there again!Returning over a good bridge
Rust formations on a chainAnother winch installationWaterfall
Looking at some roof fallFormations in the slateOne of the solid timber supports in the area ...
... viewed from the other sideMiner's ladderAnd then back to the exit

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