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Early club dinners  Typical of the moderate behaviour at DCC dinners compared to the E***nThe high standard of dancing at DCC dinners  

Each year, well most years actually, the DCC holds an Annual Dinner to which members and guests are invited.  It is often the only time of the year that partners of members get together and it has been to many venues over the years.  Unlike some clubs (e.g. venerable Buxton ones), we have not had to move on from place to place because of our behaviour but we have changed the venue over the years looking for a reasonably priced meal but convivial surroundings.  A list of venues since 1980 can be read below.

Some people ask about dress code.  Many members will dress up (dinner jackets for the men) but this is not obligatory.  'Clean' is the only real requirement but if you like to dress smart from time to time, this is an opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE that while we welcome members of other clubs and guests of our members, we reserve the right to refuse to sell tickets if we consider that the applicant would not be welcome at the dinner.

In view of the Coronavirus situation, we had to cancel the 2020 Club Dinner. This was a major disappointment as it would have been part of the 60th anniversary celebrations. However, we have held over the booking to 2021 and if all goes well this year, we should be able to hold a Club Dinner as normal. In the meantime, stay safe!

We are unable to take any bookings now but you can contact the Club by emailing to the organisers.

The last few dinners are described below.  The awards for previous years can be read at this link.

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