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Social event in MonyashThe Club maintains an events and meets list and is happy for non-members to attend some of the events as long as they let the organiser know in advance.  On this page, you can see Club events.  Some are private to the Club members and will not be shown but members can read them HERE.  Where possible, we will provide a contact point for enquiries about the event.

Any general enquiries about events can be sent to Meets-sec at DerbysCC.org.uk.

If you want to look particularly at caving, mining or other underground events, have a look at the caving meets list page or for Alderley events see the Alderley events list.

Tick this box to see past events:

  Date ^ Event Organiser Comments  
Year: 2020
457 Monday 07/12/2020 Annual General Meeting Secretary
Drum and Monkey, Alderley Edge View
Year: 2021
458 Friday 09/07/2021 to Sunday 11/07/2021 DCC 60th Bash in Derbyshire Gina Lewis
Camping, ceilidh and nosh at Red Gap outside Buxton. Caving and walking as well. View
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