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Report on West Mine, Sphinx Chamber

12 June 2005 - Malcolm Bailey - SJ8509 7763

June 1005: Geof, Chris Gayter and myself had a go at the water in the haulage level, possibly around 2 tons of sand have been bagged and moved further into the passage covering a plastic pipe some of the bags are below water level so take care if your "paddling" we've managed to get water flowing again, next visit will mean we can get under the hole and clear the debris, this will allow the water level to be dropped considerably. All the silt that is being dug out is being bagged, this means that eventually the existing silt will stop slumping, all this will take time, so if any one is down there and fancies a dig Do not let me stop you!!!! just, please, if you do let me know that you've used some bags and I can get some more.Later: Currently the dig is about 40 ft down the bottom of the incline in Sphinx chamber. we have encountered water which we believe is coming from the flooded haulage level. we have a cunning plan to relieve the water but I need about 40,000 diuretic pills. A better plan is to place a plastic pipe in the water upstream from the blockage and using the sand from the blockage fill sand bags and place them over the pipe. this gets rid of the sand and allows the water to flow under the new "dam". if necessary we can at a later date move the pipe further back up the passage. hopefully this will allow the water to drain down the incline and give us a drier dig. 

Below 1: One of the diggers spent too long there!   

Picture 1: One of the diggers spent too long there!

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