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Number One Shaft

21 July 2002 - Malcolm Bailey

Malcolm and others 21/07/02 No 1 ShaftSunday at the Edge. The good news is that we are almost at the bottom of No. 1 shaft, the not so good news is that it doesn't seem to go anywhere, the passage is only alcove depth. However it is at the correct depth for the clay beds on the hanging wall side. No idea of the date of the original dig, perhaps dating the timbers may help. DougThis weeks digin report Well all does not bode well, the passage that we found last week tis only about 4ft long if that, its still full of infill and the silt falls down to the back. Its had quite a bit of water in it over time. I'm just hoping that there is a way on that isn't visible yet. Ah well such is life. Still look on the bright side we've now got an electric winch wot we didn't av b 4 and we know how to satisfy the guys at English Heritage bless there little trebuchets! Malc14/07/02 No 1 ShaftAt 14.7 m from the surface the top of a passage has been located, its difficult to see into it at the moment, but next week should reveal more. We found it just as we where finishing, and Doug had a trip on for the Trust. We now have an electric hoist (there's posh isn't it) I've told them winders don't blame me when you get fat????? Malc 07/07/02 No 1 ShaftLatest update: Its still going down, depth to date is 13.70 m. Shaft section is 700 mm x 1600 mm and the prodder has been pushed in another 8ft (or what ever that is in metric?) Malc 

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