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Speedwell to Peak

14 February 2010 - Ant

Ant's report: "It was Wet and Muddy - The End" Later amended to: "Colostomy Crawl, I just remember climbing up some ladders and Kieran saying something about having a break at the top, at the top of the ladder everyone seemed to have gone so I just followed the tunnel in, every now and again I would hear the shout "are you ok Anthony?" from in front, which just kept getting fainter. I was dragging my bag with a stone of camera kit which seemed to get stuck at every bend I came to which was about every twenty foot or so, I kept having to crawl back to free it, it was difficult as I could not turn around in places whilst in other places it was a total effort to turn around at all. I went from crawling to on my hands and knees to flat on my chest to flat on my back, even upside down at one point. I shouted out "how long is this?" and the shout back was "about a kilometre", towards the end I was fighting clay, mud, bag and even my knee pads. At a few points after this I just lay back to chill and get my breath, I eventually made it through." Photos are by Pete Clewes. 

Below 1: In the Bottomless Pit   Below 2: The miners' toast   Below 3: It can be wet   Below 4: And even wetter   

Picture 1: In the Bottomless PitPicture 2: The miners' toastPicture 3: It can be wetPicture 4: And even wetter

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