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Bull Pot and Yordas Cave, Kingsdale

8th May 2010 - Nigel (pictures by Anthony)

We met at Bernie's in Ingleton at the unheard of early time of 1030. Driving up to Kingsdale, it looked as if the whole of Yorkshire had turned out for a trip to Bull Pot but it was actually a fell race and loads of vans and cars were parked along the narrow road. The climb uphill was easy in the cool but sunny weather and we rapidly descended Bull Pot with no one else around, just a few sheep to keep us company. The trip was done on SRT and as far as possible we avoided the highly acrobatic routes suggested by the P-hangers. At the bottom (or near bottom), Nigel explored the southward passage while Allan and Anthony went down the last tight pitch. On the way out, Anthony took the pictures (below). Getting out was fairly quick considering we had three novices on the trip but they were learning fast.On the surface, we decided to go over to Yordas and through there for a bit of additional fun. The top entrance pitch was quickly rigged with a pull-through and we all went down. The crawl puzzled Pete and Nigel a bit as we couldn't remember the long low wet bit but the second pitch was quickly reached and we dropped into the main Yordas cave.After a quick look around, we all left and went back to change in sunshine! Then down to the Marton Arms which was busy - but of course it was Saturday. General feeling that it was a good day out and that Saturday is a good day for caving as it still leaves Sunday free.The party was Allan, Tony, Pete, Nigel, Anthony, Glyn and Charlie. 

Below 1: At the entrance to Bull Pot. It was sunny but there was a very cold wind.   Below 2: Tony in Bull Pot.   Below 3: Allan returning out of Bull Pot.   Below 4: Abseling down a very dry but sporting Yordas.   

Picture 1: At the entrance to Bull Pot.  It was sunny but there was a very cold wind.Picture 2: Tony in Bull Pot.Picture 3: Allan returning out of Bull Pot.Picture 4: Abseling down a very dry but sporting Yordas.

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