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Hillocks Mine and Bagshawe Caverns

11-12 June 2011 - Nigel Dibben

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A weekend in Derbyshire was arranged at fairly short notice (about two weeks ago) with camping at the Bull i' th' Thorn outside Buxton. Liz, Tom and I arrived Friday night and as no one else was coming until later on Saturday, Tom and I set off for a trip down Hillocks. This is an easy walk from the pub so saved moving the 'bus. We took three ladders and one rope (35m) which reached from top to bottom of the pitches and also acted as a handline in places - quite useful. Taking a few pictures on the way in, we were soon at the bottom of the pitches and exploring the main workings. The place hasn't changed much so there is not much more to say about it! The exit was easy and after the (unnecessary - surely) soaking in the entrance to the coffin level, we were back on the surface and walked back up to the pub in full kit. 

Below 1: Approaching Hillocks   Below 2: The upper chamber   Below 3: In the cartgate   Below 4: The Wharf Pipe chamber below the Engine Shaft   

Picture 1: Approaching HillocksPicture 2: The upper chamberPicture 3: In the cartgatePicture 4: The Wharf Pipe chamber below the Engine Shaft

Picture 1: Picture 2:

Below 1: Approaching the entrance   Below 2: In the natural cave   Below 3: Formations   Below 4: Team photo   

Picture 1: Approaching the entrancePicture 2: In the natural cavePicture 3: FormationsPicture 4: Team photo

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