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Speedwell Mine - Peak Cavern

2nd July 2011 - Nigel Dibben - SK 1392 8274

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Kieran arranged this trip from Speedwell to Peak using his excellent connections. We were able to hitch a ride on a boat to the Bottomless Pit and then waded in shallow water from there to the Whirlpool (what Whirlpool?). We carried on to the bottom of Leviathan and went up as far as the Workshop and then returned to the stream to go up to Main Rising. On the way back down, we took a look at the Miners' Toast and then up to Bathing Pool Rising.Feeling a bit sadistic, Kieran took us through the crawl to Whirlpool passage and then down to the Whirlpool before we set off down the Bunghole to the Lower Bunghole streamway. By the time we got to the upstream Treasury sump, some were getting a bit tired so when we got back to Egnaro Aven, there was a break for 'lunch'. Going up Egnaro didn't seem too bad until we got to the top and were straight into Colostomy Crawl. Yucchhhhh. Anyway, after a lot of thrutching and sliding and slurping, we emerged at the Trenches and were soon out into the downstream end of Treasury Sump. The picture on the album shows how dirty we had got by thenFrom Treasury to the main Upper Gallery in Peak did not take too long and fairly soon we were through the Mucky Ducks and past Victoria aven to reach the Buxton Water dam. There, we gave back the mud to the Peak Cavern management (we didn't want to be charged for removing it from the cave) and proceeded past awed visitors to the entrance. It was nice and warm in the main chamber!Not totally satisfied with that trip, five of us had a quick look in Peaks Hole Sough and up at the first vein working. This place still has timber flooring in it that is over two hundred years old.Then it was the long squelchy walk back to the cars. Fortunately, it was not too warm. Then down to the Wanted for a debrief and home. Thanks again, Kieran. 

Below 1: Before we set out   Below 2: In the Bathing Pool Rising   Below 3: Lunch at the bottom of Egnaro Aven   Below 4: In Peaks Hole Sough after the trip   

Picture 1: Before we set outPicture 2: In the Bathing Pool RisingPicture 3: Lunch at the bottom of Egnaro AvenPicture 4: In Peaks Hole Sough after the trip

Below 1: The boat trip in   Below 2: Beyond the showcave - Far Canal   Below 3: Paul navigates Leviathon    Below 4: In the main streamway just below Main Rising   

Picture 1: The boat trip inPicture 2: Beyond the showcave - Far CanalPicture 3: Paul navigates Leviathon Picture 4: In the main streamway just below Main Rising

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