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Nenthead Mines

April 2011 - Paul Stubbs - NY787428

Took a group of 10 members to Nenthead in April, Ed, Bev, Andy Brown, Bob Brown, Jay, Ben, Gareth and Nick, Dan, and myself. This was a bit of a refresher for Gareth as it was 12 years since his last visit with Todge and myself, the new lads seemed to enjoy them selves very much as it is totaly different from the mines at Alderley.We did a trip into Brownly hills on the second day which 3 people missed due to Drinking and staying up to late the night before! Not to mention the fact that the friday night they had been drinking and chatting and running about till 5 am, then they wondered why they had been so tired! We did the now famous Heathers ore shoot, so called because she fell down it! Any way after you climb it this takes you into a large stope with a climb up a plie of deads, we used a rope to make it easier and you then slide down a pipe on the other side. After a good look around the place we started back and Andrew showedus how to get to the top (almost) and then slide back down and land sitting on the floor, quiet funny how he sort of tisted around the pipe. Any how good time was had by all and we are returning in August for the next adventure. 

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