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19th - 21st August 2011 - Paul Stubbs - NY787428

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We have had a very good turn out for the latest trip to Nenthead, consisting of Lauren, Bennett, Damien, Terry, Jack, Olly, Paul(young), John Capper, Paul Stubbs.The weather was reasonable and we had a good breakfast each day before we set off. The first day we went into Smallclough, the water level was so low I can say that I ever never seen it so dry but still it was knee depth.As per normal we heard a lot of wow, ooh, and look at that, this seems to be the normal reaction and the dry stone passages certainly draw alot of attention.The second day saw us go into Brownley Hills, this seems to be the favorite with people and I must admit I have a soft spot for it myself, going into the upper levels we came across some rock that has been recently blasted!! leaving plenty of samples scattered about. After a lot of scrabbling in the upper levels I took them to a geode which if you are slim! and flexible! you can with a bit of a struggle climb into it! and they all went WOW!!Back on the lower levels we went to the Blue Pool before going even lower to the Canadian level which was a lot drier than usual but still a good entertaining trip, it takes nearly 1 hour but well worth the effort, plenty of hanging death! and wibbly wobbly walls!!We stopped at a section that you can climb up into another mine, this proved to give us some entertainment as we climbed up we made the very steep slpoe into a woderful slide!! which we had to come back down with great difficulty, this was Damien's chance to shine, he managed with spider like quality to climb down to a slope and with his help get myself onto the slope with him, we then got the rest of the group down by letting them slide off onto us.All said it was a great trip with plenty of good memories yet again, October seems to be mentioned for the return trip!! 

Type of entry: Mining

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