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Matienzo, Cantabria

4th - 20th August 2011 - Nigel Dibben

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Once again, the DCC was in Matienzo to support the expedition. This year, the Club was represented by Tony Brocklebank, Sue Morton, Geoff Standring, Bill Booth, Len Gee, Nigel Dibben, Liz Taylor, Steve Martin and Tom Howard. Tony, Sue, Geoff, Bill and Len stayed in the Daughters' apartments, Nigel and Liz in Dibben's Diner and Tom maintained true tradition by tenting it. Tony had his eye on the Hornedo area (nearest caves to Arkwright's Bar) but various other trips were undertaken in the main fortnight of activity and these included teaming up with other expedition members including Ali, Pedro, Phil and the Dingles.As well as caving, of which there was a good deal, and surface exploration, members went to a local show cave, climbed a vƒÂ­a ferrata at Ramales, attended the local horticultural show, took part in art classes, beached, barbecued and ate out at local restaurants.The trip saw Tom enter his first piece of virgin cave, Tony open up at least two new entrances, the Club surveyed about 150 metres of passage for the expedition and numerous photos were taken and added to Juan's archive. 

Below 1: Matienzo 2011 report   Below 2: Tony in Cueva de Regato   Below 3: Bill and Len at 489   Below 4: Tony and Bill in 3564   

File 1: Matienzo 2011 reportPicture 2: Tony in Cueva de RegatoPicture 3: Bill and Len at 489Picture 4: Tony and Bill in 3564

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