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Bonfire Spectaculars - Titan to Peak / Peak Cavern

5th/6th November 2011 - Thomas Howard - SK 1486 8259

Bonfire night this year, rather than staying at home and doing the norm of watching a display and a toffee apple, I had an offer I simply could not refuse! John Smith, after talks early October decided to organise a trip through Peak descending down the rather large Titan Shaft (Imagine bolting up it! Moose did it, Must've been fun). Most of us met on the Friday evening up at the TSG hut, to then have Ed, Kev and Owen arrive in the morning. A bacon/sausage sandwich was scoffed and then we set off up the hill. After the lovely/speedy entrance pitch we sat for a while whilst Jim Lister and Ed rigged the big pitch down to the Event horizon. Even Ed said it scared him, Sorry Ed! John Capper told us of how he'd come out of retirement just to do Titan whilst I still worried about the knot pass (until I realised the were joking and there wasn't one) Two and a half hours later, all seven of us were safely to the ground and after Ed took a few shots we made our way toward the Workshop (Below Leviathon where JH enters)and into the Speedwell Streamway. The trip was a huge success even if I did forget how awkward Colostomy Crawl was..Now, Sunday. Saturday evening in the hut was a little quieter than Friday as the 3' x 3' super speakers got turned off and we all got a good night sleep ready for a trip back into Peak in the morning. Eleven of us turned up at the TSG, signed forms, paid and then got on with it. Until we realised we were missing Pete who said he'd meet in the Devils Arse' car park where Lauren and a few others went to his rescue.John was pleasantly surprised as to how many people he got go under the 'initiation slab' whilst I think many others were pleasantly surprised that we were not going to be doing the Buxton Spring Sump and holding our breath for 200m (relieved even) A trip then to the Wanted ended the weekend nicely and we all dispersed in our different directions. Thanks everybody.Tom.  

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