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Bagshawe Cavern

27th November 2011 - Nigel Dibben - SK 1714 8088

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This trip was arranged as an antidote to the dinner the night before. The dinner, arranged by Sue Morton, was a brilliant affair at the Masonic Hall in Stockport, marred, only slightly, by some idiots breaking light fittings in the gents toilet. (When we find out who that was, they will receive the bill.)On the Sunday, a strong team turned out to do Bagshawe with fourteen in total, ten of whom had been at the dinner and four others who could not make it the night before. Starting at the crack of noon meant that Tony was there on time. Inside the cave, we soon got to the top of the Dungeon and half the group decided to go down and explore there wile the others carried on along the main level as far as the Hippodrome (no hippos were seen there today). When the first group had explored most of the lower levels, they also went along the main level to the streams and sump at the southern end of the cave. The first group left the cave after about two hours and retired to the warmth of the Wanted where the others joined them later.A good time was had by all even though there was water where Nigel said he had not seen it before and it reached to parts it shouldn€â„t have done.Another trip will be planned in 2012 as there is still stuff to see and it€â„s an ideal cave for novices. 

Below 1: The team before starting underground   Below 2: Admiring formations   Below 3: At the top of the Dungeon pitch   Below 4: Returning up the entrance steps   

Picture 1: The team before starting undergroundPicture 2: Admiring formationsPicture 3: At the top of the Dungeon pitchPicture 4: Returning up the entrance steps

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