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Legit and Illegit Pots

13th - 14th January 2012 - Tony Brocklebank

The Friday Diggers are growing, with Pete Whetham the latest addition to what is fast becoming a crack team?Friday the 13th saw us up at Newby Moss, for the first (official) days work to Legit Pot. Natural England have given us two years to dig this, but with luck it won€â„t take that long.The weather was horrendous, we got lost on the way due to a very big cloud and very low visibility. When we eventually found the shakehole Big Steve diverted the water away from the dig whilst I set up the new sunroof. Proddling in the floor led quickly to a few gurgling noises and the dig was soon empty of water letting us dig down for an hour or so. At this point it blocked up again. I opened up a small hole near the top of the bedrock which also seemed to take water and this could be heard dropping for some distance, presumably bypassing whatever sumps the dig, which means we can bail the dig next time. Some water was also escaping towards this point via a narrow bedding about two metres further down. Looking good for this weekend, although a warm sunny day would be nice!Saturday Tom and Pete joined us for a session in the newly named Illegit Pot. Obvious reasons. Fortunately since we inherited this from the Earby all the work is underground.After a couple of hours the bottom of the dig, which is now about three or four metres down from the top of the shoring, dried out €“ and we were briefly digging in dry soil and boulders which is encouraging. This now needs the right hand bank clearing and the scaffolding extending down a metre or so. It might be a good idea to clear all the digging gear, pipes etc from the shakehole (and perhaps store it in the Legit Pot shakehole), so no one knows we€â„re there.As always if you need some exercise we€â„ll be up there again this weekend €“ everyone€â„s welcome!Tony 

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