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Friday digging team

17th February 2012 - Tony Brocklebank

An active weekend for the Friday crew. Steve and I were at Legit Pot again on Friday, but were let down by failing drill batteries. Despite this we managed to shift quite a bit of rock by the old fashioned method of hitting it long and hard with a hammer and chisel, and by the end of the day I managed to lift the first of debris out of bottom of the small but enticing hole that has kept us occupied for the past few weeks, so much so that Steve went back on Sunday and capped out quite a bit more. Next trip we'll have a few bucketfuls to clear and may have a better idea of where to go.On the walk up I noticed a hole in an adjacent shakehole had opened up since the last trip. This turned out to be a six foot deep new 'cave' behind a mud and earth bank, with a fresh dead rabbit at the bottom. It didn't look too exciting but is worth keeping an eye on. Of more interest in the same shakehole a sizeable stream is also (now) disappearing down a new hole which seems to be bigger every time we go up there. It must take a lot of water as the rocks seem to be jumping up and out of the hole as well as falling down it.Not to be outdone Simon Cornhill (not DCC any more but a Friday digger) was loaned to Johny Latimer as a sort of birthday present, and they spent two days digging a hole near Crummack which Diane spotted while walking Saturday.  

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