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Box Mine, Swan Mine and Brown's Folly

3rd - 4th March 2012 - Nigel Dibben - st795661

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For this trip, I joined up with a group of friends from the Wealden Cave and Mine Society who visit Box about once a year. We met at Box on Saturday morning and did a through trip from Jack€â„s Entrance to the Back Door. The route included the normal sights such as the black horse graffiti, Brunel€â„s railway tunnel shafts, the start of the Wind Tunnel and the Cathedral. We also looked into the northern series as far as the last working face. The whole trip took about six hours and was very capably led by Robert Hall. On the Sunday, I first visited Swan Mine which is much smaller than Box but just as interesting as it is in much better condition with very little modern litter or graffiti. It is very much a classic tree-shaped plan so easy to see virtually all by just following the left hand wall. In the mine, there are sights such as ,loading bays, hoofprints, tools and two cranes, one in good general condition (although very fragile) and one which has been crushed by a roof fall. There are pictures in the linked photo album.After Swan Mine, I went into Brown€â„s Folly through the Muddy Hole entrance and had a quick circuit covering some of the main passages including Clapham Junction.A good weekend and all three mines are well worth further visits. Route finding may appear daunting but I found it quite easy to follow the SMCC maps once you get an idea of how quickly you move across them.My thanks to the WCMS for the trip. 

Below 1: The Cathedral in Box Mine   Below 2: Crane in Swan Mine   Below 3: Clapham Junction in Brown   Below 4: Cartway and open workings in Brown   

Picture 1: The Cathedral in Box MinePicture 2: Crane in Swan MinePicture 3: Clapham Junction in BrownPicture 4: Cartway and open workings in Brown

Type of entry: Mining

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