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Short Drop Cave - Leck Fell

Sunday 4th March 2012 - Thomas Howard - SD670789

First Sunday of March seen Tom Howard, Pete Whetham,Pete Clewes and Allan Berry all meet in Bernie's for 10. We had our original intentions to do Ireby Fell Caverns but instead chose upon Short Drop. Following breakfast we made our way up onto the fell to get underground. Getting changed was made a lot quicker as snow and cold winds were against us, that made up the time we took trying to find the cave (it wasn't lost, just Allan nor Pete had been there in the past 5 years at least).Underground we realised it was rather wet, which made it a tad more interesting; Dry hands and knees crawls turned into damp thrutches and the pitch made fun haha! We decided to turn back at the climb up to the traverse as we realised we couldn't do the through trip as we'd have to go back for the rope on the first pitch (couldn't be rigged easily as pull through due to the excess of water and awkwardly placed bolts). Excellent trip, followed by a hot chocolate and soup in the pub/hotel on the slightly skewed cross roads there - you know where I mean. Next?  

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