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Giant's Hole, Derbyshire - Round trip + Geology and beyond.

22nd July 2012 - Thomas Howard - SK 1194 8268

A weekend report. This weekend, although I originally said I wasn't caving, I decided I'd be cheeky and ask Andrew Peace if I could join him on a trip down Giants, Derbyshire with the Chesterfield CC. So, 1030 on Sunday morning I arrived slightly late to a very busy Giants car park and realising I knew none of those I'd to go caving with I thought it easier to ask for the CCC, and so it turned out they all were. Simple wow! 4 of us set off to rig down to the further reaches with ambition to do the East Canals beyond the far curtain. After squeezing past a group of students in the entrance series Mike rigged Garlands and down we went on to the Crabwalk, after a few tight spots we progressed down to Geology via a knotted rope or two. However, having rigged Geology, descended and the next we decided we didn't quite feel like having a paddle in the Far Curtain duck and turned back de-rigging as we went. Avoiding the crabwalk we went over the top via the Giants Windpipe and the traverse. Just over 7 hours below ground and I for one had an excellent trip - Obviously for those slightly larger may have different opinions. Thank You to CCC for letting me tag along. Until next time haha! Tom. 

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