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Speedwell Cave System

7th October 2012 - Kieran Rooney - SK 1392 8274

In Attendance: Kieran Rooney, Tom Howard, Pete WhethamNever listen to a drunk caver and under no circumstances agree to go caving the next day while drunk you will regret it, but this is what happens all the time and it happened again on Saturday night after P8. Tom and Pete had come from The Wanted to mine for the night where we drank we ate Chinese we went to the pub and drank whisky till two in the morning. At some point in this session we had decided that we didn't want to do a SRT trip the next day so I suggested getting up really early and going to speedwell to see if I could blag us entry through the show cave. At 8.30 the next morning I regretted this suggestion. So with dry caving gear we piled into my truck and went to Pevril Stores for breakfast and Pete couldn't mange to finish his bacon, sausage and egg bap. On chatting to the manager I got us the key through the show cave and a lift down on the boat. Excellent! On entering the far canal I noticed a slightly stronger current then usual and the overflows were taking a lot of water. This was unexpected as P8 the previous day the water level had been normal. On reaching the gate I could really hear the bunghole roaring, we passed through the gate and went and had a look at the bunghole and promptly reclassified this as a sporting trip due to the amount of water! We continued up the main stream way to the whirlpool which was just stating to spin a little across the traverse line and up the boulder piles down the other side and on to main rising which was no where near as clear as usual. Had a quick look up a the miners toast. Then back along the stream way to secret sump and bathing pool, nobody fancied a swim today. Back to the boulder piles and up to the workshop at the bottom of Leviathan admiring the new pipe work, and the miners old timber stemples. Back down and along the stream way we crossed the whirlpool again and made our way up a lovely bit of clean washed passageway all the way to whirlpool rising. Back to the Bung Hole it was wet coming down the ladder no way to keep out of the water but down deeper we went stopping briefly at Egnaro Aven and debating exiting through peak via Colostomy Crawl. Deciding to make the decision later we headed for the Lower Bung Series and it was really wet and sporting, all the water from the overflows in the main canal and bung all ended up here. It was so wet that in places you could sit in the stream way and get washed down stream for quite away and if you went careful you could easily have your feet washed from under you I was at the very front and kept on finding all the big holes so the others could avoid them but that didn't always work so well and by the time we reached the upstream side of treasury sump we were a bit battered very wet and very happy cavers. Going back upstream was nowhere near as bad as we though it was going to be we made steady progress all the way up and were back at Egnaro Aven in what seemed a very short space of time. Here we decided due to time constrains to exit via speedwell as I had, in no uncertain terms, to get the key back before the last tour of the day. On reaching the staging to join the boat we were greeted by some very odd looks from tourists and some odd questions too. Unfortunately we had apparently come at just the wrong time as there was no room in the boat for us, no problem I said we€â„ll just peach on the back however this was a bit too tight and I was too big so Tom and Pete sat on the back of the boat while I ran the 3/4 mile back behind it. Wow my arse was numb by the time I got out of the water. Then back to The Wanted where we ran into Simon and Allan fresh from there excursion into Ivy Green. A good trip enjoyed by all! 

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