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Alum Pot

11th November 2012 - Pete Whetham (via Facebook) - SD775756

Yesterday 11/11/12 saw a DCC trip down Alum Pot take place, included were myself, Pete C, Tony, Tom, Damian, Gaz, Olly, and young Mark Robinson. After a good breakfast at The Bunkhouse, Clapham (highly recommended), we made our way over to the parking place for Alum. There were a few parties out, but it was nice to see the place wasn't over run with school parties. We therefore made quick progress and were soon down to the Cheese Press, where Olly pulled off a brilliant bit of caving and got himself through, well done Olly. After a little play we made our way to the first pitch. We had taken a large amount of rope so we were able to rig more than one pitch to save people from standing around getting cold. At this point Tom, Olly, Damian, and Gaz descended the wet route where as myself, Tony, Pete C, and Mark opted for the eye hole, we then rigged the traverse through the rift and descended to the window. This was my first opportunity to be at the sharp end and have a go at rigging, obviously under the watchful eye of Tony. After making our way into Alum Pot both groups met up again over the bridge. Unfortunatley at this point both Gaz and Damian were feeling the cold and decided to return to the top. The rest of us pushed on through the next two pitches. After taking in what must be the most dissapointing end to such a spectacular trip we made our way back out. A brilliant trip, great fun had by all, and finally, Well done to Mark Robinson, a brilliant effort for a young man. So as we always say; where next?  

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