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Legit Pot Dig

17th-18th November 2012 - Tony Brocklebank

Saturday saw myself, Big Steve, Simon Cornhill and Di Arthurs tramping up Ingleborough with Sue and Susie.Big Steve removed the rebar ladder from the entrance pitch climb, which in reality is now a 8m pitch, and replaced it with an electron ladder which reaches the base of the pitch €“ much more convenient. We made pretty decent progress at the bottom, completely filling a builders grab bag in the chamber above, and as a result turned the bottom climb into a hold free zone, making climbing out very difficult without a rope.After gatecrashing the Burnley AGM on Saturday night we recruited an extra couple of willing volunteers, so on Sunday Big Steve and myself returned with Bob Riley, Simon Latimer and Conrad Batemen. Big Steve went faulty at the entrance. The remaining four of us sent the rebar ladder, extra planks and scaffold crashing down pitch, where the scaffold was set up to hold back the ever growing spoil heap, which had started to resemble a mud avalanche. The rebar ladder was split back into two sections, and bolted directly to the wall above and below the ledge half way down what has now become the third pitch, although not before our newest recruit (claiming twenty years caving experience) fell down bottom section of the pitch, fortunately more or less missing Dingle in the process. More scaffolding is needed as we have already backfilled the new space.A few stats €“ Legit is now three pitches, an 8m, followed a 3m climb down, through the eyehole to the second pitch 22m, split by a deviation on a ledge 10m down, and the third pitch is around 6m currently growing by around a metre a week.The exit was then delayed by well over an hour by the aforementioned new recruit having a bit of an epic on the way out. Moral of story being that if you have done three caves in twenty years don't pass this off as having been caving for twenty years, it gives the wrong impression. Fortunately he got out before I ran out of cigarettes and the situation became critical.A return is planned for Saturday, 24th November. 

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