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Gaping Gill

24th November 2012 - Nigel Dibben

Last Saturday, I had arranged to meet up with the MUSC and the SUSS to do one of the many entrances to Gaping Gill.The morning began with a reasonably relaxed pace up to the Dales so not to slip on the ice and die, ultimately missing my trip. Tony, Pete and Simon were sat waiting in the reading rooms cafe expecting an extra digger for the day, until I told them I was pre-booked haha!Tony has told me off for not asking permission to gallivant and yes, I have redeemed myself.So, we waited in the cafe for about an hour longer than we were expecting but then found a few cavers pass and then about 30 students followed - I had a feeling this may be them. Before I could introduce myself to those I'd not met prior or even to say hello to those I did, Tony Pete and Steve thought they'd make use of the many students and each gave them a plank of tanalised timber just over 2m in length ... you can see where this is going, yep. LEGIT! A few had a quick look down the hole and at the dig whilst the rest of us meandered over to GG main shaft for a look before the daylight dropped. We went for a trip in via Small Mammal and out of Bar (hardly an exchange but hey ho) whilst others did Jean? Car? Bar & one or two others haha!.I won't bore with details but basically:Small Mammal, Greasy slab, Big Pitch, past Flood, Main Chamber, Mud hall and back via a wet crawly way.Not sure about the diggers, probably went to the pub hum! How did it go? Brief update to entice some new/keen diggers?  

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