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Giant's Hole, Derbyshire.

9th December 2012 - Thomas Howard - SK 1194 8268

Today, 4 of us met at Peveril Stores in Castleton for breakfast. Unsure of the reason we were meeting so early I headed over to find Damian and Terry both waiting there .. at 0845? Shortly after my arrival Pete C arrived and we demolished a good bacon barm - and a lettuce leaf for me, or course. We set off to the car park for Giants and not surprisingly we found no other cavers there. After getting changed we made quick progress into the cave and straight to Garlands Pot where I rigged the traditional route down (couldn't reach the further bolt) which did mean we got a little soaking but nothing too murderous. We, de-kitted at the beginning of the Crabwalk and secured the bag up high - Damian chose to take his camera bag through, this ended not so well. Stomping through the sporting, meandering passage of said Crabwalk and after several climbing attempts to find the climb where we'd usually drop following the Giant's Windpipe we reached 'the Vice'. This proved a little unsuccessful to the point that neither Terry nor Damian could get through. Pete then suggested we did the trip in reverse, through the windpipe and to the Eating House from the other side, this also didn't prove successful as the Windpipe looked (from where we were) exciting and wet meaning we'd head back toward Garlands and make a quick ascent out. Excellent. A great trip followed by a hot Chocolate in the Wanted Inn before the drive home. So, as usual. What's next? Tom. 

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