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Devonshire Cavern and Spinney Level

8th March 2014 - Gary Beech - SK 290 584

Yesterday saw the unholy union of Gaz B and Gaz K! We headed for Matlock to look at a familiar mine, Devonshire Cavern. The idea was to descend a hidden shaft and to see what was down there. I rigged the pitch whilst explaining to Gaz how you don't use figure of eights any more because they are deemed as dangerous and don't look as good as a load of jangly Petzl stuff hanging from your harness. Any road! With me trusty and not rusty figure of eight loaded I descended into the unknown! Upon reaching the bottom I found it to be very Derbyshire like I struggled for 20 mins and barely made 3 foot of progress. I think it was something to do with limestone shrinkage due to all the rain we have had! Dejected I made the climb out and had dinner while we we discussed where to go next. We decided that Spinney Level was worth a look so Gaz and Gaz the unholy union headed for the Spinney Level. A quick change into our non professional caving overalls fury suit and wet socks and we were in past our waists in some nice cold water. There is some nice formations as soon as you enter and flow stone that resembles icing sugar that flows 40 or so foot from roof to floor and the floor is a mass of cave pearls! The mine looks to be worked on a fault and the passages follow a nice angle. In all it was great trip with a lot of new stuff found ready for another day 

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