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Cae Coch

11th April 2014 - Paul Stubbs

We had decided to do an evening trip as this would allow people who are working a chance to go with us, Steve Dalglish, Gary Beech, Gary Ryan and myself set off to Wales at 6:30pm and arrived at 7:50.This was a return trip for Steve but a first for the rest of us, the steep grassy bank and trip down the even steeper woodland entrance is interesting to say the least but we managed with the help of a hand line which Steve had taken knowing it was bad if wet on the hillside. The mine has 6 entrances but only 2 are open and the way in is easy access, Steve had taken his camera to get some shots so told us to go and explore on our own as he felt we should be more than ok so we set off up inside following well trodden paths. After about 200 yards we noticed a crawl under a ledge and followed it up to a stope full of loose shale and managed to get to the top, this led us along a path to a collapse that we managed to climb up and get into a very long section going ever higher inside the mine.After finding lots of minerals we started to come across a few artifacts that made for good photos and an intriguing working level with much timbering and remains of a hauling level, we had a good look around and started back towards where we had left Steve to his photography, he had come looking for us as 2 hours had passed and he mentioned that he hadn't been that far up before so seems like another trip is in order, we eventualy got out at 12.45 am. 

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