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Peak Cavern 'Let's try Caving'

14th June 2014 - Olly King

June 14th 2014Let's try Caving €“ Peak CavernAttended: Charlotte Meakin, Gaz Kinersley, Tom Howard, Olly King, Anton Petho, Joel Colk, Dave Dillon, Allan Berry, Pete Clues, Allan's son, Amy Rabson, Arthur Warrick, Alley James, Terry Stockton and 'Lee'.Quite a turnout, far better than I expect, I was beginning to think people would be disappointed with the trip I had planned, but it was just a taster after all!So this was a taster trip designed to explore the main stream way, nothing too taxing, but a taster of what a sump would be like was in order for those who wanted to get thoroughly wet!We all met up at the TSG. Weather was good, which is always a plus point. We all headed to Peak Cavern (sorry, Devil's Arse as it is now known!). We made our way to the main stream way and through the muddy ducks and 5 arches to find our way in to the stream way proper. There is something I had failed to tell everyone on this trip, in that there was it would seem, an ulterior motive! It wasn't really that, but after speaking to Jim 'Aquamole' Lister the week before, it turned out he had left a number of items above surprise view that needed lugging down to ink sump. It would be rude not to offer our help, in fact unforgivable! So I had to break the news to everyone but did so just as we got underground! We all collected various bits of wood and scaff tubes to carry to ink sump which just so happened to be our first port of call. This led to much cursing, but was for a good cause after all!We dropped the gear off at the junction that leads to Ink, and continued on to the end of the streamway until we found the sump. On our way back we picked up where we left off and dragged everything to ink sump. Here there was a small duck that can be treated as a sump. There is a guide rope that you can grab hold of and in doing so fully emerge yourself in the freezing water and pull yourself through to the chamber beyond. A small diversion allows access to those who do not want to do this however, but there really is not a lot to see beyond this point, the only access being for those equipped with diving equipment and nerves of steel!After having a play in the water we made our way back and had a look in the M50 series. At this point one or two of us were feeling a little on the cold side, so I had to make the decision to leave other parts for another day and head out.All in all we had a fun few hours playing around, and it is always entertaining seeing the public's faces as you make your way out of Peak completely soaked from head to toe, they must wonder what they are about to let themselves in for!The day was complete with a visit to a local ale house, where we enjoyed a well earned pint! 

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