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Coniston Copper Mines

1st January 2015 - Ed

Attendees - E Coghlan, L Griffin, D Purdie, T Stockton, A Petho, J Johnson + P Johnson.After a lot of deliberation and discussion a date was finally set for a "DCC do Coniston" trip. the plan was to meet by the old copper works and then head up to do the Leverswater to hospital level through trip. When Terry and I made it to the parking area we noticed a bit of a "change" in the weather. After a few minutes we were getting changed in the snow! After a short wait the rest of the group turned up and started getting kitted up. With the group complete and ready to go we headed up the mountain in the falling snow. At leverswater we headed down into the open cutting and found our way to the first ladder. Halfway down we took the side passage and headed over the CATMHS cat walk to explore the lower level. We then headed back to the ladder way and down to the first of the pull throughs, at the bottom your very swiftly onto the second pull through dropping you onto the main level. A quick wade through n** deep water saw us admiring the green pool and after stopping for a few pictures we made our way to the blue rock. After a quick bite to eat we headed down through the hole in the floor and followed the ropes down the stope till we hit the 3rd and final pull through. Once everyone was down we made our way along the level and out into glorious sunshine with no sign of the earlier snow! All in all a good trip and always very interesting. Time to head back to the cars and get changed before a swift pint in the pub. 

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