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Moel Fferna slate mine/quarry

31st August 2015 - Nigel Dibben - SJ 1247 3972

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Bank Holiday trip arranged by Apprentice JamesThe small but select team was made up of James, Warrington Pete, Steve, Anton and Nigel. We met at the Tollgate CafƒÂ© and then just about managed to get up the steepest part of the slippery hill from Glyndyfrdwy to the end of the road (we found later that there is an easier route about half a mile further on towards Corwen).Predictably, it was mizzling as we set off along the mile long path to the dressing floors and then up to the air shaft above. Rigging and descending was quite quick with just five in the party. At the bottom, we took some pictures and then headed into the mine along the adit, call it the third level, as far as the main stopes. We started by exploring east until the end and then went west but went up the incline to the level above, the fourth level, for a while, heading west. Dropping back down one level, we came to the wooden €˜crib€â„ and then dropped down below that to the second level below. From there, we went east again for a bit until we found the remaining bridge and looked across that but had to return after finding the way on either blocked or a steep climb. We left the lowest levels for another trip.Back on the second level, we traversed east again and passed under the adit on the third level we entered. Climbing up in a stope, we regained the entry level and started out.On the surface, we were surprised to find the sun shining and some superb views across the valley so the cameras came out again and a few more snaps were grabbed. After changing, we felt obliged to support local commerce so we dropped in the Berwyn Arms for refreshment. 

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