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Robin's Shaft

30th January 2016 - Kieran Rooney - SK 1355 5276

Kieran Rooney, Tom Howard and Olly KingPlanned an early start at the TSG and into Peak. Had breakfast and buggered that idea off as been to early to start caving. Chatted speleo bullshit for a couple of hours and decided to do Robin's Shaft. Left Castleton got so far as Buxton and realised I'd left my gear at the TSG. Returned to Castleton picked up my gear and returned to Buxton to pick up Tom and Olly. Finally left for Wetton and Hill Top Farm. A quick change in a cold windy farmyard and a short walk to the shaft top. An interesting descent on a slope and according to the rigging guide 110m of rope is needed Tom's 2 ropes were supposed to be 120m but we ended short 15m. I think Tom needs to re-measure his ropes (he did bring a spare). Lots more to see then we anticipated. At the very bottom of it, the mined levels break into natural cave with lots of promising digs. Solution pockets and small avens with beautiful crinoid fossil bands and mineralisation. Several photos of this and the hanging death held back with the original miners stemples. We retreated up the shaft, an interesting climb some SRT and some just climbing the shaft and hand jammer. Total time below ground 4 hours and just avoided our call out time by 10 mins, oops. Pints in the Watts Russell Arms, a cosy pub that's a decent pint. 

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