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24th January 2016 - Kieran Rooney - SK 1079 8179

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Jock Rooney, Mary Rooney, Séan Rooney, Tony Brocklebank, Pete Clewes, Tom Howard, Nigel Dibben, Kieran Rooney, Claire Walsh, Olly King, Sophie King, Dan Hibberts and MattThis particular trip was planned 4 years ago but the universe conspired against us until now. Jock's birthday trip is one of the stories Jock has always liked to tell, of him going caving and having battenberg cake from an ammunition tin in P8 or Giants, this combined with his love of electron ladders gave me the idea of recreating this experience. A cast of thousands gathered at Perryfoot fashionably late in true DCC style. Dan and Matt pressed on ahead to rig the ladders while everyone else was still sorting gear and I was scratching my head trying to work out if the ladders were going to be long enough and there were marked in feet not meters. I asked Nigel to take a spare ladder as a just in case as we set off across the fields. We descended a slightly wetter than usual stream way sliding down the cascades, no need to rig the rope I brought as there was already a rope in, straight through the water, everyone got wet. I noted that some bag chess had gone on with the tackle sacks and Tony was carrying a bag! At the bottom of the second pitch Dan and Matt appeared claiming to have been to the bottom but this may have been a ploy to get to the pub early. Getting into Mud Hall past the Sick Bowl was tighter then Jock remembers or as he claims its calcited over. Everyone pressed on to the bottom while I unpacked the banners, balloons, bunting, cake and "Ribena". A Party was had, snacks and cake was eaten and the "47" candles were extinguished, Jock had lost the battenberg cake he bought the day before so it was chocolate and ginger cake. Returning to surface Tony rigged the traverse on the first pitch so as little time as possible was spent in the water unless you took the Jock approach who ended up upside down in the water on the ladder, Tom had the dignity not to photograph that bit. Back to the Wanted where we found Dan, Matt, Sue Morton and Collette Cadwell. Jock has decided SRT isn't that bad and a good day was had by all. 

Below 1: The team in Mud Hall (TH photo)   Below 2: Jock   Below 3: Climbing the first pitch (TH photo)   

Picture 1: The team in Mud Hall (TH photo)Picture 2: JockPicture 3: Climbing the first pitch (TH photo)

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