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Notts 2

28th February 2016 - Kieran Rooney

Kieran Rooney, Charlotte Meakin, Anton Petho, Rob StevensonWe left the bunkhouse in an untimely DCC fashion before 12.00 despite the drinking and food consumed the previous evening! An unfortunate set of circumstances (from the previous day) meant that despite having a permit for Lost John's we got lost and fell down Notts 2. A quick change in the winter sun, well for most of us - Anton had to sliver into his still wet undersuit and cried about it. The climb down the shaft was more 'interesting' then we were lead to believe and it was at this point Charlotte started threatening Anton with death. However we all made it to the bottom unharmed and alive. On entering the impressive main stream way we headed upstream. Beyond the main upstream sump through pools of water we found very beautiful formations Rob has some photos. As we were admiring the pretties we encountered some members of Bradford Pothole Club who Charlotte is currently forging closer links with. Starting the return trip through a clean washed gorge it was a refreshing change from my recent Derbyshire trips. On the climb out Rob discovered the truth that climbing up really is easier than climbing down. Charlotte swore a lot at everyone and everything due to her shoulder not been 100%. We breached surface to glorious sunshine and a cloudless sky, why didn€â„t we go walking?A really good trip and worth a longer return trip, also great for improving your free climbing skills as great lengths have been gone too to avoid SRT. 

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