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Moss Chamber, Peak Cavern

March 2017 - Lauren Griffin

A hastily arranged trip to Derbyshire saw me and Richard up early and wolfing down bacon butties at the TSG, many thanks to Alan for his patience with us! It wasn't the best of starts to the day, I forgot my knee pads, which is an incredibly stupid thing to forget on this trip.As it has been a few years since I've been to Moss Chamber, I asked Alan to remind me how far down the main streamway it is until you get to Pilkingtons Crawl. Alan also reminded me to take the turn off in the crawl. Of course we forgot that bit, missed the turning and ended up doing the Cohesion Crawl. During the crawl I was saying to Rich, "I'm sure I don't remember it being this long". After an hour of crawling we reached the Toadstool Aven and spent a while climbing around the boulder choke, looking for routes down and ending up in circles.So back we turned, to find the junction for Moss Chamber, both of us feeling rather unfit and cold at this point, not very much in the mood for the photography session we had planned for Moss Chamber. Anyway, I managed a couple of half decent shots. Thanks to Rich for helping with lighting.By the time we had got back to the main streamway I hadn't warmed back up from the crawl, apart from my thumping knees. My feet were more numb than they have ever felt, and as I noticed in the showers at the TSG, the tips of my toes had turned grey, (they have since made a full recovery). All in a good days crawling, although I fear that Richard's first trip to Derbyshire could have been chosen better! 

Below 1: Moss Chamber   Below 2: Moss Chamber   Below 3: Ouch!   

Picture 1: Moss ChamberPicture 2: Moss ChamberPicture 3: Ouch!

Type of entry: Caving

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