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This club log page has been designed for members to post items that can be viewed by other members or non-members.  The log can include caving items, mining items and events organised by or for Club members.  Some entries may only be available on the Club version of this log.  Click entry title to read detail.

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CONTENTS [144 reports]

Date Log entry
10th-11th July 2021 The round house weekend
2-5 July 2021 NAMHO Conference Shropshire.
14th December 2019 Moorfurlong Mine
30th Nov - 1st Dec 2019 Bagshawe Cavern and Jugholes
28th July - 17th Aug 2019 MATIENZO
4-8 July 2019 NAMHO Conference - Mid-Wales
17th February 2019 Great Douk Cave - Yorkshire
16th February 2019 Alum Pot Yorkshire
26th January 2019 Stoney Middleton Dale and Oxlow
16th December 2018 Mouldridge Mine
27th October 2018 Cwmorthin Slate Mine
6th October 2018 P8, Derbyshire
29 July - 19 August 2018 Matienzo 2018
22-27 June 2018 Polish Trip
1-4 June 2018 NAMHO conference in the Forest of Dean
7-12 April 2018 Caves of Assynt
20th January 2018 Flower Pot to Not quite Dynamite
6 - 7th January 2018 Sell Gill & Bull Pot of the Witches
31 July - 20 August 2017 Matienzo 2017
23-26 June 2017 NAMHO Conference in Surrey
March 2017 Moss Chamber, Peak Cavern
March 2017 Kraków, Poland
28-29 January 2017 Wretched Rabbit to Lancaster and Bull Pot of the Witches
10th - 11th December 2016 Yorkshire Dales - the Chairman’s Chill-out Weekend
30th July to 6th August 2016 Vercors caves including the Gouffre Berger
3rd July 2016 Bagshawe Cavern
2nd July 2016 Titan and Peak
4th-5th June 2016 Jugholes and Goodluck Mine
28th-30th May 2016 Yorkshire Weekend
13 & 18 April 2016 Ireby Fell Cavern (Ireby 2)
9th & 10th April 2016 Cwmorthin Slate Quarry & Gwynfynydd Gold Mine
28th February 2016 Notts 2
30th January 2016 Robin's Shaft
24th January 2016 P8
28/12/2015 and 5/1/2016 Show caves on the Costa Blanca
7th/8th November 2015 Pippikin - Mistral trip.
1st Nov Wretched Rabbit to Lancaster Hole
31st August 2015 Moel Fferna slate mine/quarry
August 2015 Matienzo, Cantabria, Spain
18th July 2015 A certain cave in North Wales
12th - 14th June 2015 Forest of Dean - BCRC Conference
22nd - 26th May 2015 NAMHO conference at Nenthead: Carrs, Smallcleugh, Brownley Hill, Rampgill and Haggs
Easter 2015 Matienzo
21st-22nd February 2015 Derbyshire Weekend
18th January 2015 Carlswark Cavern
1st January 2015 Coniston Copper Mines
19th October 2014 Shuttleworth Pot, Yorkshire.
4th October 2014 Derbyshire Weekend
Sunday 31st August 2014 Bagshawe Cavern
August 2014 Matienzo, Cantabria, Spain
Saturday 19th July 2014 Gentlewoman's - Youd's
14th June 2014 Peak Cavern 'Let's try Caving'
11th May 2014 Nice 'n' easy SRT - Hillocks Mine
3rd - 5th May 2014 South Wales Meet over the Bank Holiday
11th April 2014 Cae Coch
8th March 2014 Devonshire Cavern and Spinney Level
15th February 2014 Eyam Dale House Cave
8th February 2014 James Hall Over Engine Mine, Derbyshire.
30th November 2013 Giant's Hole
5th & 6th October 2013 James Hall to Titan Exchange
6th May 2013 Cow Pot/Fall Pot - Easegill System
5th May 2013 Sell Gill Holes - Dry Route
4th May 2013 Alderley exploration with ICC.
April 6th + 7th 2013 Smallcleugh mine - Nenthead
2nd February 2013 Cae Mawr Shaft
12th-13th January 2013 Yorkshire Dales - new cave
6th January 2013 Caves of the Ashover Inlier
30th December 2012 Giants Hole
16th December 2012 Hillocks Mine
9th December 2012 Giant's Hole, Derbyshire.
24th November 2012 Ecton Mines - Deep Level and Clayton Level
24th November 2012 Gaping Gill
18th November 2012 Mendip and Swildons Short Round Trip
17th November 2012 Mendip and St Cuthberts
17th-18th November 2012 Legit Pot Dig
11th November 2012 Clive Mine, Shropshire
11th November 2012 Alum Pot
10th November 2012 Legit Pot Dig
28th October 2012 Cwmorthin Slate Mine
21st October 2012 Mellor Mill tunnels
7th October 2012 Speedwell Cave System
6th October 2012 P8 Cave System
29th September 2012 Gaping Gill via Bar Pot
9th September Legit Pot dig
25th August 2012 Bagshawe Cavern Birthday Trip
5th August 2012 Giants Hole
31st July 2012 onwards Lennie's Cave - Matienzo
22nd July 2012 Giant's Hole, Derbyshire - Round trip + Geology and beyond.
30th June 2012 Marilyn to Small Mammal (Gaping Gill system) - Tony's stag do trip.
5th June 2012 Gaping Gill Winch Meet for the geriatric and infirm
Sun 3rd -Tues 5th June Legit Pot dig
19th May 2012 Long Rake Spar Mine
19th May 2012 Titan & White River
13th May 2012 Oxlow Caverns
14/15th April 2012 Welsh Weekend - Cwmorthin & CRTT
April 2012 Votty Slate Quarry - Bleanau Ffestiniog
1st April 2012 Water Icicle Close Cavern
18th March 2012 Peak Cavern - Moss Chamber and sumps.
Sunday 4th March 2012 Short Drop Cave - Leck Fell
3rd - 4th March 2012 Box Mine, Swan Mine and Brown's Folly
19th February 2012 Giants
17th February 2012 Friday digging team
12th February 2012 Legit Pot dig
28th - 29th January 2012 Nenthead Mines
27th January 2012 Legit Pot
22nd January 2012 Lancaster Hole – Wretched Rabbit
13th - 14th January 2012 Legit and Illegit Pots
Sunday 8th January 2012 P8, Derbyshire
14th December 2011 Gautries Pot
27th November 2011 Bagshawe Cavern
20th November 2011 Easegill Caverns
11th-13th November 2011 Yorkshire Dales - digging
5th/6th November 2011 Bonfire Spectaculars - Titan to Peak / Peak Cavern
15th October 2011 P8, Giants, JH, Peak and Bob Toogood's Do - all in one weekend
9th October 2011 Mistral Hole, Yorkshire Dales
1st October 2011 Carlswark digging
17th - 18th September 2011 Fron Boeth Slate Mine & Maen Offeren Slate mine
19th - 21st August 2011 Nenthead
4th - 20th August 2011 Matienzo, Cantabria
23 July 2011 Caves in North Wales: Poachers' and Ogof Nadolig
2nd July 2011 Speedwell Mine - Peak Cavern
11-12 June 2011 Hillocks Mine and Bagshawe Caverns
4th June 2011 Carlswark digging
28-29 May 2011 Dan-yr-Ogof and Bridge Cave
14th May 2011 Cambrian Slate Mine, Glyn Ceiriog
April 2011 Minera
23 April 2011 Lancaster Hole, Yorkshire Dales
April 2011 Nenthead Mines
20th March 2011 Alum Pot
13th-14th March 2011 Engine Vein and West Mine
5th March 2011 Croesor Rhosydd Through Trip
26th February 2011 Giant's Hole, Derbyshire
5th February 2011 Moel Fferna Slate Quarry
18th January 2011 Boulby Potash Mine
9th January 2011 White Scar Cave
21st November 2010 Giants Hole, Derbyshire
19 September 2010 Kingsdale Valley Entrance
August 2010 Matienzo expedition 2010
18 July 2010 West Mine to unveil Granville's plaque
11th July 2010 P8, Derbyshire
10th July 2010 Cae Coch Sulphur Mine
11th - 13th June 2010 Matienzo celebration at Dalesbridge
6th June 2010 Bean Pot, Storrs Common.
4th - 6th June 2010 NAMHO Conference in South Gloucestershire

[There are 144 reports.]