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You can make on-line donations to the Club direct to our bank using the account details below.  Bank transfer is our preferred method of receiving payments.

    *  Bank: Santander

    *  Account name: Derbyshire Caving Club

    *  Sort code: 09-01-28

    *  Account number: 94766399

If you pay by bank transfer, please add a suitable payment reference and also send an e-mail to the Treasurer.  For trip bookings, the best reference to provide is the booking reference itself. 

You can also pay through PayPal.  There is usually a charge to the Club for receiving these payments (about 3% of the value) and it is about the same as posting a receipt so the Treasurer will usually e-mail you when the payment comes through but please don't expect any other acknowledgment.  Because of the cost or receiving PayPal payments, bank transfer is preferred.

We suggest that you print out and keep a copy of the receipt sent to you by PayPal.  The button below can be used to make a single, variable payment to the Club which could, for example, be an Alderley trip donation. 

There are separate pages where members can pay for DCC items (badges, T-shirts etc) or for the Annual Dinner.

Please note that the Club is not a charity and is not registered for VAT.  To make a payment, add a description and amount below.


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