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What has space travel to do with the DCC?  In 1993 the DCC embarked on the first lunar expedition to be launched from the Yorkshire Dales.  In order to maintain security, the rocket was placed under the watchful care of the Bradford and hidden in Gaping Gill Main Chamber.  On the arrival of the Bradford for their winch meet, the rocket was unfortunately tampered with leading to certain strange noises and lights being emitted and it never left its launch pad under its own steam.  The Bradford kindly removed the rocket to their own depot for refurbishment from where it was wickedly removed by DCC members unknown.  It was however later seen at the Cavers' Fair at Pindale in Derbyshire.  The pictures below show the rocket in position and being filched from the Bradford.  Anyone recognising the people on the pictures ... should keep very quiet.

Preparing to erect the rocket

Completing the preparations for launch

The rocket being prepared for erection by a skilled team of underground technicians led by Werner von D****** and others.

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The rocket pointing skywards

Standing proudly erect in the Gaping Gill Main Chamber.

Recovering the rocket with C---n D-----n in disguise

After preparation for launch.  Note the critical angle at which the rocket has been erected to enable it to escape from the main entrance.

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After the unsuccessful launch when the rocket was being recovered from its temporary storage by the Bradford.

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At Dalesbridge in 2010 At Dalesbridge in 2010 with the Fluffies

At Dalesbridge in 2010

At the September 2010 Alderley Open Weekend At the September 2010 Alderley Open Weekend

At the September 2010 Alderley Open Weekend

At the September Alderley Open Weekend
(censored version)

The rocket on its transporter Brine Lees school 2010
On its transporter A cheap imitation seen in Nantwich in 2010

Recently, Bill released the never-before-seen video of the installation of the rocket which can be seen below (provided you have Flash viewer installed).

TECHNICAL NOTE:  The rocket was powered by British Usufructal Lunar Landing Speleologically Heterodoxical Illationary Thaumaturgy.

The current resting place of the remains of the rocket is Steve's garden which pretty well assures that it will never be lost or destroyed!

DCC Lunar Speleological Expedition 1993