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Club outing to Holme Bank Chert MineThe DCC was formed in about 1960 from the Northern Section of the Orpheus Caving Club.  Since that time, it has grown to a membership of about 100 at its peak although membership has dropped back to about 60 in recent years.  The members' interests range from pure caving for a sport through digging and surveying to mine excavation and exploration.  The Club has also acquired equipment and records over the years and these are summarised in the pages under 'DCC information'.  Members can get more detailed information in the members' area

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To reflect the range of interests, this site has been built in separate parts covering the caving and the Alderley interests.  Todge's 60th birthday party down West MineIn this third part of the website, we have put information about the Derbyshire Caving Club and its activities in caves and mines other than Alderley Edge.   There are also links on most pages to other sites of related interest.  We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Please feel free to comment on the site or send me any information that may add to the value of the site or knowledge about the DCC.

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