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An essential role of caving clubs is to share equipment between members.  The equipment shared would either be too expensive for an individual or is used by members together (such as ropes and ladders). 

The DCC retains a collection of caving tackle and suitable clothing for novices.  We also have a wider range of resources shared by members and these are covered in this section.The museum at Alderley Edge

These items are generally available for loan except for records and the relics at Alderley Edge which are only for reference or display.

These shared items are:

Paid-up Club members will find more information about the Club's resources, such as the library and records, on the private members' pages.

From time to time, special sets of documents may be made available to specific users.  These can only be accessed with the use of a username and password which are different to the members normal username and password.  To get access to special documents, please contact the Webmaster.  Also, sets of documents can be uploaded by members and made accessible to others; to do this, please contact the Webmaster.

This section of the website also includes access to the Club shop for non-members and a page to allow donations to be made to the Club.

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